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A Story Worth Experiencing

posted by majorfunk (WOODLAND HILLS, CA) Jun 17, 2011

Member since Aug 2009

72 out of 75 gamers (96%) found this review helpful

This game is...amazing. I finished it about twenty minutes ago and I don't think I will cease thinking about it for another week. The gameplay alone is enough to keep anybody interested, be it the diverse and mischievously delightful powers, the advanced, satisfying melee, or the precise, skillful freerunning, Infamous 2 does not disappoint. However, this game has much more to offer than the average third-person adventure, it has a soul. The story is gripping and expertly woven to keep the player constantly yearning for more, making it nearly impossible to put down. I played until my eyes hurt, not because I wanted to level up or unlock a certain ability like in other games, but because I cared. As the game progresses, each choice becomes harder and harder. You don't choose between saving 2000 puppies or blowing up an orphanage, but between two equally appealing choices that no longer hold any sense of "right" and "wrong".

I would recommend Infamous 2 not as I would recommend the latest 1st person shooter or RPG, but as I would any film, novel, or movie.

If nothing else, play this game to experience the tale of Cole MacGrath.

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It Electrifys the 1st into No-Mans Land!!

posted by gamer301 (CLAYTON, NY) Jun 8, 2011

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Member since Mar 2008

89 out of 98 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

inFAMOUS is basically a bigger, better, more polished, and all around advancement from inFAMOUS in pretty much every way. And that's AWESOME!! I easily spent 40 to 50 hours on the first game, finally platinuming it. :) And it was worth it. So when I brought home inFAMOUS 2, it took me a few hours to adjust. Because this one is SOO much more refined, I had to adjust to the new way to play. The better way to play I should say. The story is a bit slow in the first quarter of the game, but really picks up and flies after that. With new powers, enemies, and locales, the game gets better and better every hour. Also, the side-missions are SOO much more fun than in the first game. The first had a few gems, this one consists of 75% of gems. Of course there's a few repeats and boring ones, but they always stay fun. Environment traversal is back, and still awesome, but the original voice-acting isn't. But don't fret, this isn't a bad thing. The new voice actually sounds better than the first. The first made me always think Cole was a villain, now he really sounds like an average guy. And of course, the powers. So not to spoil anything, THEY'RE FREAKING EPIC!!!!! 'Nuff said. And although not perfect, or needed, the User-generated content adds lots of extra playtime.

Pros: Its an all around better game of inFAMOUS. Graphics, gameplay, characters, acting, powers, boss-fights, 'Amp'ed up melee combat, great new locales and lots of great content!! and even the civilians look better!! You really can't beat this sequel, (unless you're Uncharted 2!)

Cons: The melee can mess up the camera angles. A bit slow in the beginning.

This game dominates the first in every way imaginable. If you enjoyed the first one, then the 2nd is a purchase without a second thought. And if you haven't played the first, then you aren't a real PS3 gamer. Now go and get it!! And then get this one! IT ROCKS!!

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I don't write many reviews...

posted by banky74 (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Jun 23, 2011

Member since May 2009

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

But I had to for Infamous 2. I, like many people enjoyed the first installment. I fully expected that the 2nd one would be a good game but I was wrong. One of the best games I've ever played.

Unlike the first game, Sucker Punch has breathed life into Cole, Zeke and newcomers Kuo and Nix.

Once again they've managed to make every new power that Cole receives both cool and useful. But the real star here is the story. It's nuanced, it's compelling and it's something out of a classic comic book.

The ending, depending on which one you get is devastating. Both because of the story and because you're at the end of this brilliant journey.

This is not a rental, this is a solid buy.

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