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Indigo Prophecy

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Also on:PS2
GF Rating

1951 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Indigo Prophecy

Left Thumbstick Move Character
Right Thumbstick Swing Camera. Perform Action.
A Button Run
Y Button Display Mental Health
White Button Reset Camera Behind Character
Black Button First-Person Camera
Left Trigger Camera Switch
Right Trigger Camera Switch
Start Pause Menu
Back Display PDA
Combo #1 Action Controls: When two colored rings appear on screen, move corresponding Left Thumbstick and Right Thumbstick in the direction shown to complete the sequence.
Combo #2 Action Controls: When the L and R symbols appear on screen, rapidly push L-Trigger and R-Trigger alternately.
Combo #3 Action Controls: If prompted when the L and R symbols appear on screen, press L-Trigger and R-Trigger to balance the dot on screen.