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Indianapolis 500 Legends


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Indianapolis 500 legends

posted by BretRyan (Marshall, MN) Jun 27, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

I feel this game is exactly what i expected from the title and the back of the box. It is old school Indianapolis 500. If you expect more you will be dissapointed. You get to race 3 different drivers and their cars each year at Indy thats it and thats all the game said was there. Now the gameplay itself left a little to be desired but it wasnt bad. The lighting of the track was a little too dark. The detail of the different cars was pretty good. It was pretty cool racing the 71 Mclaren against the cars without spoilers. The car Physics seemed off a bit but not terrible just a little frustrating when i actually tried to spin an AI car out it would hardly budge. I was really impressed that when i got to Al Unsers Johnny Lightning Special when i tried to sling shot it was hard to steer and with the rear spoiler and lack of front downforce it seemed accurate. Overall it was what i expected before i read most other reviews. 7 of 10

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Really Bad

boring and not enough speed!

posted by jlalb06 (LONG BEACH, CA) Jun 20, 2009

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2008

I found this game boring really quick. You just keep turning to the left and I wanted to go faster. I was way behind the AI cars and wanted to go faster to catch up to them but couldn't. I was already going as fast as I could. I tried a mission game and couldn't get my speed fast enough to qualify. So I gave up, stuck it back in its envelope and it's going back with less than 20 minutes of play. I want a racing game that I can go fast with like Excite Truck. I guess I'm spoiled by this game as you have the turbo to give you more speed.

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Deserves an 8, Yet It's a 4

posted by deekim (HOUSTON, TX) Apr 4, 2008

Member since May 2007

Decent graphics at 480. Easy entry into game-play. Phenominal AI. One of the tightest steering in a driving game.

Not much replay value and challenging from the start. Contrast was terrible for me.

Basically, there are only two game types. First is plain racing, which I loved. But, after a couple of rounds I lost interest because there's not much there. No season type racing game. The second type you have challenges. I was stuck on the third one in the very first challenge. You cannot continue until you have finished all the challenges. I tried for an hour to beat it but was unable to. This is why I gave it a 4 instead of an 8.

The AI was phenominal; at first I would tail whip the cars in front of me making them swerve, lose speed, or hit the wall. Then a few rounds of that, the AI realized what I was doing and would watch out for me. DOH!

It is very easy to get into this game. I was having problems steering at first, but then I placed my elbows on my arm-rests and it drove like a dream. I'm sure having the latest update wouldn't hurt, either.

The contrast was another problem. Even though I upped the brightness, I could hardly see the right side whenever passing the grand stands.

And for some reason it gave me a headache. I admit this is a well tuned little racing game. But, the lack of a tour or season, challenging challenges, and giving me a headache didn't make it seem worthwhile.

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