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Good but not Brilliant - Indy 2 to fix the probs?

posted by Shazbot (BROOKLYN, NY) Jan 16, 2008

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Overall this is a solid racer but it just needs those extra bits that turn a game into something special.
Clearly produced by Indy enthusiasts the game provides a lot of history on the race and tries to simulate the different makes of cars and they do drive differently (the Novi in particular is very twitchy and can be tough to control).
Controls are simple, effective and quite sensitive for steering. Not much tilting of the Wiimote is required for the bends before starting to skid the cars. However, getting the steering and line correct going into the corners is vital if you want to be really fast.
The real key to winning the races in the game is drafting (or slipstreaming if you prefer) the car in front of you. It is not essential to line yourself up directly behind the car in front but doing so will get you the maximum effect. You will get extra speed just by doing this and you will see the draft "Zone" appear with light blue streamers behind the car in front. As you get closer they will darken to purple. At either of these colors you can hit the B button and get an extra zap of speed but to really take advantage wait for the dark purple and the whole screen dimming slightly - when you hit B the car will jump forward and you will often have to be real fast on the steering to move around the car in front without skidding as you will have been real close.
Missions in the game include the obvious win the race scenario but also use the Wiimote in pointer mode to change tires and refuel - although a little bit fiddly they are a nice attempt at providing another realistic aspect to the game.
Another type of mission involves avoiding the wreckage and carnage in front of you and passing the line within the time limit. These can be a bit random with the computer cars not showing too much IQ at times which they can do also in races bashing you into the wall.
Overall a good rental but may lose novelty a little quick.
I would look forward to an Indy 2 with improvement

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Very Good

A Step In The Right Direction!

posted by Mulley007 (MEDFORD, NY) Dec 27, 2007

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OK, so the graphics aren't amazing, but the gameplay is not half-bad! I expected this Wii-racer to be a notch better than horrible. But, the controls changed things for the better. I would definitely recommend playing this. The Wii is going to be THE system to play for racing games. All they have to do is keep up the good work, enhance the graphics, add real time stats, and add online playability. This is a fun game.

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Above Average

Excite Truck Elements With Lackluster Gameplay!

posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Dec 24, 2007

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I was intrigued when this was coming out; mainly because there is not many racing games out there. This one has great control and excellent graphics however it is boring and you can't get ahead and take the lead. Also the missions are either too easy or an impossible task. The history of the Indianapolis 500 is nice but it alone is not worth renting. Maybe if they take the controls and graphics and instead make a Gran Tourismo contender for the Wii (THAT WOULD BE NICE); because Excite Truck is starting to get old after a year.

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