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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings


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Wii Action Game...There Aren't Enuff to be Picky!

posted by hockeyman (CARSON CITY, NV) Jun 10, 2009

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I made sure this was at the top of my Q and I got lucky to get it right at release time. If you are looking for a great looking action game, perhaps you should stay on your 360. Having said that, I found SoK to be quite a bit of fun once it sets in that it is a WII game you are playing. Graphics and animation, while dated for the other 2 consoles, look pretty decent on the Wii, and it seems they went thru a bit of trouble to bring decent facial expressions and a decent voice-over for their in-game cutscenes. If you are not into remote "wagging" you may want to pass on this one, but I felt the controls were fairly responsive for whip-swingin, bad guy-punchin, bi-plane flyin (I thought this was pretty cool) fun. Oh and did I mention its Indy?

PS. if you want to see dated gfx, check out the extras section where you can play the Fate of Atlantis PC game! :)

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Above Average

Raiders of the Average Ark

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 11, 2009

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I promise not to mention anything about Crystal Skulls in this review (why do some people hate that film with a passion?)
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is an platforming adventure game where you play as the fameous Dr. Jones. He is in a race to keep artifacts out of the hands of the bad guys.
But it's mostly you solving very simple puzzles and fighting off bad guys with your whip, gun and fists while going from point A to point B.
The puzzles are mostly "put this item here and that item there" sort. You will have to figure out a button pushing puzzle later on in the game, but that's not too tough.
The fist fighting, on the other hand, can get annoying.
First off, the game makers do not understand that some of us are left handed, and thus hold the Wiimote in our left hand. This makes fighting awkward.
The callibration is also off on the swinging of the Wiimote and Nunchuck, for throwing punches and using the whip. This encouraging me to flail my arms about wildly (which is not good).
They also make me wander about the area in a frantic search of items to beat some bad guys with (not fun at all.)
The control problems really take off in the areas where I had to hold the Wiimote vertically (piloting a plane or moving a piano about to smash into the bad guys.) It's very stiff and inaccurate.
The gunplay, on the other hand was fun for me. Pointing and shooting at the enemy is something the Wii was made for. This game take full advantage of this oppertunity.
This game will take most players about six hours to finish which is somewhat short for a $50 game.
You also get a bunch of average co-op two player games, some simple multiplayer games, a point a click adventure, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (a game that looks like it came from the early 1990s), new outfits for Indy and info on how the game was made.
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings would've been a buy if it weren't for those clunky controls and short main mode. RENT IT

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Very disappointing

posted by turnstep (PHOENIXVILLE, PA) Mar 14, 2010

Member since May 2009

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I expected more, but this seems like a poorly written, poorly tested game. It's a very linear tomb raider like solve-mini-puzzles to move on sort of game, coupled with terrible boxing/fighting scenes. The controls are very annoying as most fighting moves require a finer degree of precision than the Wii can give. I also found myself accidentally hitting the "2" button often in the middle of a fight (which brings up a submenu) - very annoying.

This is yet another game where the designers took the ability to use the Wii remote too far. Moderation, please! Just because you /can/ make an action correspond to flicking the remote around, doesn't mean you always should. At least make it an option. Flailing the remote around like a madman and hoping that the system detects some of your movements correctly does not make a fun game.

There are other flaws too (weak multiplayer, bad checkpoint system. etc.) but they pale in comparison to the controls.

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