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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings


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LucasArts...what happened?!

posted by noteblastr (FAIRFIELD, TX) Jun 22, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

This game is worth trying for fans of the movies. The general feel of the game is pretty good. The environments look great and you've got to love John Williams original soundtrack. There is a lot of fun in the gameplay if you can get over some of the control issues.

At one time Lucas Arts was a leader in the gaming world. In the last few years it seems they have been steadily decreasing or stayed the same, allowing other publishers to out compete them.

The biggest problem is the control system. The biggest selling point of the Wii has always been the controls and for some reason publishers manage to mess this this case royally. The fighting system would work great if it would respond faster. Punches are so slow that you can punch about 3 or 4 times before the first one actually lands. The shooting parts are okay but it's really a shooting gallery style setup, you can't use your gun whenever you want. The game is too linear. There is only one way to go, only one way to do things... it would be nice to explore and figure things out on your own....since Indiana Jones is supposed to be an explorer and archaeologist, isn't that the whole point? Instead you get puzzles.

The plot is a little strange, there are a lot of stretches to revisit situations similar to those in the movies. Indy's voice acting is pretty good but his facial expressions are strange at times.

Overall... it wasn't a horrible game but it was pretty disappointing.

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Introducing Indy's toughest nemesis: Waggle.

posted by SpartanG13 (BAY CITY, MI) Jun 19, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

Alas, what could have been.

As much as I tried to like this game, the Indy fan in me (who liked Crystal Skull despite all the whining about it featuring aliens which IMO are just as fantastical as the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy freakmongering Grail) just could not overcome the spotty, frustrating controls that bury any fun this game had.

Half the time, Indy looked like he was engaged in a drunken street brawl. I can only imagine how I looked flailing my arms around. The other half of the time he was COMPLETELY UNRESPONSIVE and I could only sit there in dumbstruck disbelief as Harrison Ford took repeated wrench blows to the crainum. I got so frustrated with the game that, they day after it arrived I sent it back. Please, send me Ghostbusters now Gamefly. :p Or Prototype, I am not picky.

The graphics in the game are pretty solid for the most part, and the voice acting is solid. The game does a good job of feeling like an Indy product and not a merely reskinned Tomb Raider. The Chinatown level in particular has the manic pacing and feel of a good old fashioned Indiana Jones chase scene that feels torn straight out of the films.

Maybe I'd like the PS2 version more, where I don't have to deal with spotty motion controls.

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Poor Gameplay - Bland level design - No Fun.

posted by Destructus (NORTH BEND, WA) Jun 11, 2009

Member since Jul 2007

Poor and uninspired gameplay meets a phoned in voice actor and you have recipe for...well...for this unfortunate work that carries the name of Indy.

From the child-like puzzles to the lackluster level design...everything here screams no effort or imagination. The character animations, while fluid, seem comical even during the darkest of times.

The developers attempted to create a sense of urgency or suspense during many scenes, but the animations mixed with the poor gameplay mechanics make Lego Indy seem like a dark, action packed adventure.

If you're planning to rent this for the unlockable Fate of Atlantis included with this game..good luck to you...I couldn't tolerate the game long enough to get the unlock.

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