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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings


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Pretty impressed by all the bad reveiws!

posted by whoppin (DELTA JUNCTION, AK) Jan 21, 2010

Member since Nov 2009

6 out of 6 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Wow! all of the reveiws on this game where almost negative and people saying this game is stupid. People say this game is boring but if you are a big fan of iniana jones like I am then you should get this game.
Although this game does not have anything to do with the movies it is still a fun i mean very fun adventure. It is pretty short well there is what 6 maybe 7 worlds and about 20 levels in each one but yeah the controls are good and the graphics are well it's a wii game what do you think. The storyline is to find this staff of the kings I bet you can tell from the title LOL! But yeah I reccomend this game to Indiana Jones fans ONLY!
This game is absouletley, positively, Most serious game you an rent if you like Indiana Jones. Don't listen to the bad reveiws on how horrible it is if you are not an Indiana Jones fan you should proboaly listen but you know your choice if you are an Indidan Jones fan then yeah get this game it is worth the rent I am positive on this one and a lttle seret if you unlock or do one glory move they will mention what a glory move is in the game you can unlock the 1991 game called Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis. It is a old game and suppose to even be better than the staff of kings so tecniccaly 2 game in 1 WHOOOO GOOD DEAL!!!!!!!!!!

Please follow this reveiw this game deserves more credit than what it is getting by the people who rent this game come help this game be on of the best game eer rate it 10 or 9 or 8 no lower if you follow this review this game should at leas be 8. 9 or 7.9 or somethink thank you!!!1

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GF Rating

Very Good

New to Wii, and "wii" love this game!

posted by designerdi (SENECA, SC) Jan 17, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying this game. We've recently purchased a Wii, which is the first system we've owned since the early 90s. Granted, we missed out on the last 15 years of advances in game graphics, so I get it that if you're used to better graphics with another system then you might not be as happy with Wii graphics. But we are thrilled with our Wii system.

Having said that, this game is the best one we've played so far on Wii. Both of us are happy with the way the Wii-mote responds for fighting, flying, and using Indy's trademark whip -- that's a big bunch of fun!

The atmosphere is good, the music is awesome, we love the voice acting, and it takes us back to all the fun we've had watching the Indiana Jones movies over the years.

As two mature adults that are not hardcore graphics gamers, we give this game an 8, and are seriously considering buying it. It is certainly worth renting to see what you think.

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Suprised by the Low Ratings!

posted by damianrock (DULUTH, GA) Jun 16, 2009

Member since Nov 2007

17 out of 20 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

This is a fun game. First you fist fight, then fly a plane, then fist fight, then shoot, and on like that, without any boring repetitive gameplay. It reminds me of the earlier Star Wars games. I read a couple people complaining about swinging your arms to fight, but if you've played the Wii for more than an hour, you would know a slight jerk of the wrist counts for the Wii, and moreover, Indy tells you at the beginning to "look" around your surroundings for things to use. You'll find that grabbing and slamming heads into pool tables is much more effective than dukin' it out. If you only have a Wii, or are just an Indy fan, this game is short, but definitely worth a rent.

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