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Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb


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great Indy game

posted by smoke2out (LARKSPUR, CO) Oct 30, 2009

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This game is solid and is much better than the Wii's Staff of Kings. Gameplay consists mostly of fighting and platforming (jumping, whip swinging, etc.) through somewhat linear levels that are long and expansive. I love that the scope of the game seems huge, especially when battling through underwater caverns or ascending to the top of a castle or tower. Fighting can be a headache; fist-fighting is just button-mashing and trying to aim a gun is more trouble than it is worth. Shooting is best done by just running up to the enemy and firing. Also, the default controls have jump as the B button and attack is the A button. Go figure. The puzzles are fairly straight forward and there are occasionally a few artifacts that need to be found, but I don't think I ever really got too confused or lost in a level. The objectives that appear when you pause the game are helpful in case you aren't sure what to do. Overall, I thought the game did a good job capturing the feel of the Indiana Jones saga. The storyline was typical of an Indy movie, but there weren't too many long cut scenes that can bog down some games. I had a tough time putting down the controller as soon as I started playing. Terrific game.

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Above Average

Whip it, whip it good...

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Oct 28, 2008

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For those who were hoping for an Indiana Jones video game, LucasArts has you covered. Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb takes Indy on a new adventure, collecting mirror pieces while battling the Nazis.
The game plays similar to Tomb Raider (irony evident in the title I suppose). However, it plays more like the old Tomb Raider games and not the improved Legend and Anniversary. Contact sensitive environments, some twitchy controls, lining up jumps just right... yeah, this is definitely old school. Can't really blame the game since it pre-dates those titles, but it's worth noting.
Indy gets some basic tools to take out his aggressors. He has his trademark whip to remove weapons from enemies hands and swing across large expanses. He gets some guns and explosives for obvious reasons and a canteen to heal himself. There are also several melee weapons throughout the game for close combat.
While the controls are functional, they feel jerky and stilted. The game could have been significantly smoother. Gameplay works, but isn't very diverse.
This is an older game and it shows. While not as profuse or detailed as newer titles, it's still has some merit as an adventure game. However, if you'd like a cool Indiana Jones game, the recent LEGO Indiana Jones will likely satisfy your craving far better.

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I loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by jacobded (FOLSOM, CA) Jun 24, 2008

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I really like it allot but im stuck on the 7th level I think it is really hard and scary and I really like the game still I just keep tring to beat it and you shuold really get this game...

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