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Incredibles, The


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Also on:GC, Xbox, GBA
GF Rating

383 ratings

Gameplay Controls

The Incredibles

Directional Buttons Highlight Menu Selections
X Button Confirm Menu Selection
Triangle Button Return to Previous Menu
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Highlight Menu Selections

Directional Buttons Move Character
X Button Jump
Triangle Button Incredi-Attack/Move
Square Button Punch (Mr. or Mrs. Incredible)
Circle Button Grab. Throw. Action.
L2 Button Center Camera
L1 Button First Person Camera View (Mrs. Incredible)
R1 Button Crouch/Roll (Mr. Incredible). Stretchy Punch/Grapple/Swing (Mrs. Incredible).
Start Button Pause Menu
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move Character
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Control Camera
Combo #1 Hold R1 + Any Direction, Then X Button = Incredi-Roll (Mr. Incredible)
Combo #2 Press and Hold X Button at Incredi-Pointer = Incredi-Jump (Mr. Incredible)
Combo #3 Grab Large Objects With Circle Button, Use Left Analog Stick to Turn = Incredi-Turn (Mr. Incredible)
Combo #4 Stand Next to Heavy Object, Repeatedly Tap Circle Button = Incredi-Lift (Mr. Incredible)
Combo #5 Press Circle Button to Lift Henchman, Then Triangle Button = Incredi-Throw (Mr. Incredible)
Combo #6 Hold R1 Near Incredi-Pointer = Grapple and Swing Across Gap (Mrs. Incredible)
Combo #7 When Violet meets up with Dash, they can combine powers to form the Incredi-Ball.