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Incredible Hulk

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Thank You Marvel!!!

posted by marshall84 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Jun 27, 2008

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What an all out assault of a bashing-smashing, crushing everything in the game FUN! I’m very pleased with how well this game came out to be. I’m a much bigger believer & fan of this part of the Hulk, than Ultimate Destruction for PS2. The missions are more challenging, the complete world environment is your playground, it’s made to be a full out & on-going bash fest of fun & rage like desire! Controls are easy, graphics are very nice indeed, story is solid & keeps on raging & blow more stuff up! HULK SMASH! Enjoy gamers!

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The (Not-So) Incredible Hulk

posted by BradLee (SOUTH ELGIN, IL) Jun 26, 2008

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Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for GC, XBox, and PS2 surprised gamers and critics alike by actually capturing the essence of the comic book character in video game form. Most licensed titles are just generalized, mediocre games with the licensed characters copied and pasted in (if we're lucky), but Ultimate Destruction felt like it was built from the ground up just for the Hulkster, and ended up being a gem because of it.

Unfortunately, not much has changed in 3 years.

Incredible Hulk IS Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, except, just as they took away from the title, so to did they take away from the game. Some elements were axed for seemingly no reason, and nothing of importance has been added.

Instead of calling this title Incredible Hulk, they should have called it Hulk: Destruction, because the Hulk no longer feels that incredible to play, and the destruction no longer seems so ultimate.

This game is essentially a port with missing features; you're better off with the original.

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posted by jollygreen (URBANA, OH) Aug 15, 2008

Member since May 2008

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful


1. Decent graphics
2. Plenty to Destroy
3. Your the Hulk from the start(gotta love that)
4. Plenty of Smashing moves


1. Hulk gets hurt to easy by bullets
2. Smashing gets old after a while
3. Always having to hide from task force
4. Sometimes hard to hit your target with

This is a decent game. It's almost like the "Hulk Ultimate Destruction" On X-Box. Just the Hulk (in my opinion) is a little weaker than he should be in this version. What I found really annoying on this title is that after just smashing a few things the task force comes after you. Which kind of sucks. Cause then you have to take the subway to get them off of you. Or walk around dainty and careful so you don't draw attention. Your the Hulk. You should be able to handle anything that comes at you. It did get pretty boring really quick though. After smashing things for a while and doing a couple of missions. It turns SUPER repetitive. The replay value of this title is almost 0. But if you like to just jump around and smash things. This would be a fun title for you to play. Little kids might have a hard time with it. Especially after the task force comes at you.

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