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Incredible Hulk

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Also on:Wii, PS2, Xbox 360, DS
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Defeating kyklops advanced in under 2 minutes

If done right you can get it done in about 1 minute and 56 seconds. Now the trick to this is down at the first part. After the count down run up to him. If done right he will immediatley do a ground slam on you. Make sure that it hits you. next he will knock you down and when you get up he will try to stomp you. Well it gives you a button you have to press to get him off of you. Now you throw him to the ground. He will get back up and fall down. When he falls down run to his head and quickly and withought using the sprint button press triangle 3 time combo till he gets up. Then repeat these steps until he is dead. The third time he gets up and falls down his his last. If he is standing by the 1 minute and 50 mark you should have it. Now I didn't do this in my first try so some practice might come in handy but I did beat it in under 2 minutes.