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Also on:PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, DS
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Very Good

An Ok rent.

posted by Gojirarules9310 (DURHAM, NC) Jan 5, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

What to say about the Incredible Hulk...well, you get to go around New York, smashing things and beating up the army and bio terrorists bent on city domination. It's an ok game, but it's certainly no Incredible Hulk:Ultimate Destruction. The controls are similar, and the game play is nearly the same, just a different environment, and a different look for the Jolly Green Giant. However, the boss fights leave much to be desired, probably because half of the "bosses" turn into just normal run-of-the-mill enemies as the game Progresses, such as the U-Foes or the Kyclopses or the Bi-Beast. The only true Boss was the Abomination, and he was just as let downy, simply because he's too easy to beat, all you need is a few upgrades and the car Gauntlets, and you've essentially won the fight already. Not that I'm saying this game is bad, I personally have enjoyed not hours, but DAYS just going around new york, hitting pedestrians with light poles and tree clubs, destroying half the city, and pissing off the army so much that Tony Stark has to send out the Hulk Buster units on me. This game is a must rent for hardcore Hulk fans, and an ok rent for just normal Gamers. Buying it? Well, that's another story...

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GF Rating


Pretty Good.

posted by donnie_saunders (CARROLLTON, TX) Oct 8, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

gameplay is really fun but does get boring pretty quick. Iwas all excited about getting this game.pretty fun but occasionally it freezes and you have to restart the game. The thing i like is mostly the free roam but it kind of gets annoying when the army comes.i would recommend if your an action lover and adventure. DOES ALSO GET REALLY HARD WARNING!!

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GF Rating


Not to Good

posted by thedboys (MEDFORD, NJ) Jul 20, 2010

Member since Jul 2008

It was okay ,but I just thought it was boring just roaming through New York City and I like if you do damage the army comes after you. The levels were action-packed. I don't like how you can regenerate your health. This game is NOT TO GOOD!

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