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Also on:PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, DS
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Above Average

"Incredible"ly average bashing game.

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 11, 2008

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When a secret group called the Enclave tries to take over New York (or destroy it), there's nobody that can stop them except for the Hulk aka Dr. Bruce Banner.
You play as the Hulk wandering about New York as people gasp, scream and run away from you. Your task is to find icons placed about the city that will give you missions or mini games.
The missions are simple types: destroy this, bring this person or thing from here to there and/or protect this.
Most of the enemies are soldiers, and they're hopelessly inept against the Hulk. You also fight some stronger muscle men, tanks, jeeps, helicopters and floating carriers. Once in a while you get into a boss fight, but most of those involve you waiting for the right time to strike or just pounding the other guy into the ground.
Going through the missions are simple. For the most part, you'll be mashing buttons as you dispatch your enemies. It's mindless fun to take on the US Army or this "Enclave" guys. But the action can get repetitive and almost all of the explosions look flat and uninspired. When buildings get demolished, it's a "meh" effect.
But the biggest problem with the Hulk is the camera. It tends to wander off at the worst time, giving you a bad view of the battle ground. Using the - button and waving the Wiimote to reposition the camera is very clunky.
The Incredible Hulk is a fun rent, but a bad camera and bland in game graphics keep it off the buy list.

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Developers had NO idea how to use the Wii

posted by RogerH (CRYSTAL BAY, NV) Jun 23, 2008

Member since Jan 2004

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I was very anxious to try out the new Hulk game for the Wii, but like to many games ported to the Wii, developers are so use to sitting on the couch with other every other game, they missed a wonderful opportunity.

The Hulk can punch with either hand in the game. So what did these couch ridden developers do? Assign the punch to the 'B' and 'Z' buttons. Hey, did any of them even try the Wii boxing? Come on? How lazy do you have to be to assign a punch motion to a button when you simply can punch with the remote?

Imagine. You could have done everything using the remotes like two arms. Raise a shield over your head - Raise both remotes. Crush your enemies by swinging both arms down. Grab something, bring your hands together, uh, you guessed it, like you are grabbing something.

This title could have really been great for the Wii if the developers had even a clue on how to program for it. I bet none of them had ever seen a Wii. With a little intelligence most moves could have easily been made more Wii like, however the developers simply chose to remain on the couch and do nothing but punch buttons.

What losers.

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HULK wonder

posted by Ziantman (JAMAICA, NY) Jul 2, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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It's all fun and smash smash until you realize you're walking in circles doing just about the same thing over and over.

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