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Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction


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Also on:PS2, GC
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Very Good

A fun game for smashing and burning time.

posted by Rainingric (LA PORTE, IN) Jul 29, 2010

Member since Mar 2007

The Hulk has been treated quite well lately.

The new movie was surprisingly good, and almost perfectly followed the story of this game, with Blonsky, the Abomination, and several other aspects, and it's easy to see why.

The game focuses mainly on destruction, weren't it already being obvious FROM THE FREAKING TITLE! But yes, most of the game is spent destroye=ing all in your path, tied toghether with a fairly good plot. Sure some aspects are hard to follow, like the hole hulk-mind-fixer thingy. But in general, it strings the events down nicely.

The gameplay has a nice variety, but you'll notice several problems early on.

For starters, the upgrade system isn't really good. Most moves you'll buy will never be used because the button combonations are attrocious. One move has you pressing both the X and B buttons. Go and pick up an Xbox controller, and just look at how challenging that is. And you'll never remember all the combonations if you tried. The only time you'll use these attacks is when Your button mashing and you suddenly do it out of nowhere, and sadly, you'll never be able to duplicate it.

The graphics are okay for Xbox, but sometimes they feel out dated, even by Xbox standards.

The missions gradually progress in difficulty by throwing in more enemies and robots. But sometimes you'll die because there's just too many enemies to worry about. Like you'll get air-juggled by rockets from missle launchers that fire simultaeniously, and thereforre not giving you time to recover.

In short, the Hulk: Ultimate destruction does have alot to offer, but I reccomend just screwing around rather than playing the story, you'll have much more fun that way.

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posted by Matt1975 (SOUTH PORTLAND, ME) May 29, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

I think this is the best comic book game ever, which many people will disagree and mostlikely say it's Batman: Arkham Asylum; which is a fantastic game, but c'mon this is the Hulk we're talking about! The graphics are good for an older generation game, but it's the gameplay and amount of chaos and destruction one can cause in the game that makes it so fantastic for me. When I first bought the game and started playing it, I noticed I was saying to myself; "now I know what it's like to be the Hulk" Leaping around on the free roam maps destroying buildings and cars, the authentic sound of metal bending and breaking, the immense size the enemies become as you progress through the game, and the re-playability.... I've owned the game for 5 years now and still play it for the destruction and adrenaline pumping action. Some of the abilities that you buy in the game are borderline mouth watering, catching a ride on a helicopter in mid-flight and headbutting it until it explodes, crash lands, OR kicking it into another enemy nearby. This game is TONS of fun and a must play or have for any fan of the Hulk or comic books. If you are disappointed with the game then you need your head examined!

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ultimate destruction [xbox]

posted by thomaston (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Dec 25, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

This game is amazing this a definite rent or buy. very hard and challenging, and some outstanding graphics. sound and music is ok and story is brilliant. get this game NOW NOW NOW.

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