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2008 ratings

Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Easy health

When low on health, look for an ambulance in the city and destroy it. This will cause many health orbs to be released.

Clean Sweep mission Easy completion

Do not try to fight the Destroyer Mechs right now, as they are just an annoyance. When you get the gas tanks, do not try to spin them around and throw him. Instead, keep holding onto them and dive into the water. It is much faster, easier, and safer.

Proving Grounds mission Defeating the Destroyer

Immediately after he fires missiles, quickly run close to him, behind and almost under him. The missiles will turn and hit him instead of you.


To roar, press Select. The sounds will change every time.

Two hit kill for Hulksized Hulkbusters

Buy Headbutt, Gamma Quake and Gamma Grinder. Grab the mech. Charge your "special" (Triangle). Directly after each impact, perform the headbutt (X + Circle). Gold mechs are killed instantly, and silver ones will lose most of their energy.

Friendly fire

"Friendly fire" works best with tanks and two Hulkbuster Destroyers. Stay in between them and quickly evade when they fire. If done correctly, they will hit each other instead of you.

No military or police

In the Badlands after beating the second Boss, play the challenge Gamma Golf. You can roam around without a threat meter and you can look for collectibles without interruptions.

Easy Smash Coins

When you are in the city, you will usually find Smash Coins on top of buildings or in alleys.

Easy Smash Points

Find a challenge mission where you race and collect the blue race points. However, do not collect them. You can roam with unlimited time and cause as much destruction as desired without the police. This is a great way to earn Smash Points easily.

Easy Smash Points

Find and read all 61 Hints to get 50,000 Smash Points.

Indestructible cows

In the badlands area, if you pick up a cow you can use it an unlimited amount of times as a bludgeon that will never break.

Avoiding the Strike Team

When the Strike Team is deployed, get to a jump point and jump to another location. When you arrive at that location, the screen will abruptly show "Strike Team Neutralized" for a moment (shorter than normal). The threat level is now back to normal. REMEMBER: This also works when you start a challenge mission.

Float long distances

Enable the "Low gravity" and "Big blue gorilla balloons" codes. Pick up a gorilla balloon from the street and charge jump with it. You will float long distances.

Flying citizens

Grab a civilian (not an enemy), then target something far away. Press Square and the citizen will begin flying a long way until it either hits something in its way or the object that you targeted.

Bullying a civilian

Pick up a civilian then jump around until he or she screams. Put them down (a pat on the head is performed automatically). Grab them again and repeat this as many times as desired.

Bullying soldiers and Hulksized Hulkbusters

Grab him with Circle. Slam them into the ground with the "special" (Triangle). Immediately grab him again before green orbs are spawned and repeat. This also works with the Gamma Quake and Gamma Grinder.

How to Beat Devil Hulk 14

Strategy: You have to smash the orbs around the pit to draw the boss out. NEVER use physical attacks (unless you have escaped the Chewed Up and Spit Out move). Throw stuff at the orbs or use the Super Shockwave thing I keep mentioning. This is better if u ask me because it's almost always garunteed to hit. Each time you destroy an orb, it releases HP. There are three orbs total. When you lure the boss out, use a Critical Thunderclap thing for some nice pain. You can unleash fists of fury or tons of combos on him, but it's advised to use theĀ  clap move I was talking about. Remember that you need to be in critical mass to use it. After a while, the boss will return to the pit and the orbs will respawn. Repeat the process until the Devil Hulk is toast. Mmmmmm...toast...

How to Beat Devil Hulk 15

Some cheats I found that helped (they should be listed other than this strategy on consolecheatcodes) were the double damage and double the health pick-up value ones. I love to use cheats.

Indestructible cows

In the badlands area, if you pick up a cow you can use it an unlimited amount of times as a bludgeon that will never break.

Avoiding the Strike Team

When the Strike Team is deployed, get to a jump point and jump to another location. When you arrive at that location, the screen will abruptly show "Strike Team Neutralized" for a moment (shorter than normal). The threat level is now back to normal. REMEMBER: This also works when you start a challenge mission.

Savage Banner

After finishing the game, you will unlock the Savage Banner skin at the move shop for 1 million Smash Points.


Grab a civilian and go to the top of a tall building. Press Y and wait a moment. They will try to run away, but fall off the building.

How to Beat Devil Hulk 8

Spike: A spike rises from a glowing part of the ground to hit you. If u avoid these, you can smash them, then throw the remains at the orbs, but I like the Super Shockwave Smash Combo thingy.

How to Beat Devil Hulk 9

On Foot Attacks (The boss eventually jumps out of the pit to walk around after you destroy the orbs):

How to Beat Devil Hulk 10

Overhead Smash: Big two-handed slam. Easy to see coming, but packs a whallop.

How to Beat Devil Hulk 11

Freeze: Same as before.

How to Beat Devil Hulk 12

Tail Whip: Very deceptive. When his tail glows, stay out of the way. As long as it's glowing, you'll get hurt if you touch it, regardless if he's still whiping it or not.

How to Beat Devil Hulk 13

Grab: Similar to the other grab, but not as damaging or as annoying.

How to Beat Devil Hulk 2

In the Pit Attacks (Throughout much of the fight, Devil Hulk will sit in a pit, staying in one spot. He has many attacks while in the pit):

How to Beat Devil Hulk 3

Backhand: Simple and self-explanatory. It's easy to see coming and easy to avoid. When his hand glows and he looks like he's about to smack you silly, run away or suffer.

How to Beat Devil Hulk 4

Grab: This move drove me nuts over and over and OVER AGAIN! It can be kinda hard to see coming. Devil Hulk leans back with arms open. He's not about to give you a hug. Get caught in this and you can kiss almost half your health good-bye (even if you have Lvl 3 Power Surge and Lvl 2 Critical Mass Surge, which you should have bought by now. This makes your health and Critical Mass at maximum length). When attacking the orbs (you'll see what I'm takling about later), you're in perfect range for this, so NEVER attack them directly; used ranged attacks, like the Super Shockwave Smash Combo thing (you should have bought it by now).

How to Beat Devil Hulk 5

Chewed Up and Spit Out: If you are DIRECTLY in front of Devil Hulk, he'll rear back with his mouth open and bite down on you. It comes out fast and is hard to see coming. After the bite (which won't do damage FYI), Devil Hulk throws the Hulk into the air and catches him in his mouth. Fortunately for the big green guy, he manages to keep the Devil Hulk's mouth open slightly. The camera angle will change and you will have a chance to break free by smashing the Square button extremely fast (use your index finger instead of your thumb for max speed). If you fail, the Devil Hulk overpowers you, then bites down, trapping the Hulk inside his mouth, followed by about two more bites, then he spits you out. Each bite does damage. If you manage to break free, the Hulk opens the Devil Hulk's mouth so wide that he dislocates it. This stuns the Devil Hulk and gives you a decent chance to attack the orbs without worrying about the big guy.

How to Beat Devil Hulk 6

Fireball: Devil Hulk shoots a fireball at you. It hurts.

How to Beat Devil Hulk 7

Freeze: Devil Hulk shoots a freezing ball of ice at you which can, well, freeze you. Smash the Square button to escape if you are caught in it.

How to Beat the Final Boss 6

Throw: This is one doozy of a move. The Abomination jumps at the Hulk and grabs him, then slams him with a piledriver move similar to the Gamma Grinder that you can purchase. Keep your distance to avoid a world of hurt.

How to Beat the Final Boss 7

Shockwave: The Abomination seems to enjoy copying the Hulk's moves since this one is just like the Super Shockwave Repeater. Either jump over or move between the cracks in the ground that pop up from this move to avoid it.

How to Beat the Final Boss 8

Generator Throw: Getting hit in the teeth with a huge generator isn't too fun, so jump high to avoid this when the Abomination throws it at you.

How to Beat the Final Boss 9

Strategy: The Abomination may look tough, and he is, but can be much easier, and more fun, to fight if you know what you're doing. First note that there will be military jets flying around. These will attack both the Hulk and the Abomination, so they can hurt, or help slightly. Smashing them releases large power pick-ups. There are also some small pick-ups along the wall of the dam. Throw stuff at Abomination to damage him from a safe distance while avoiding his attacks. Attacking from behind works well, too since he cannot guard well. If you have the Hitchhike move, you can jump and grab onto him, then start pummeling. But if you stay too long, the Abomination will try to pry you off. Smash the Attack button like you never have before (I've found that using your forefinger instead of your thumb when hitting the button works very well, but you still have to be very fast!). If the Abomination happens to pry you off, you suffer damage. If you manage to hold on, the Abomination eats a knuckle sandwich. When you enter Critical Mass, use the Critical Pain move on the Abomination (make sure you're locked on to him first, and you have to purchase the Critical Pain move before you can use it). This move does the most damage out of any of the Hulks Critical moves, but is strictly a directional attack, but has homing capabilities if you are locked on. This is done by hitting the Attack and Grab buttons at the same time (as if you were to do the headbutt move), but charging it all the way (you can do this in the air if you wish). When Abomination makes a run for the dam's wall, he is going to attempt to smash it and destroy a generator. There are four generators in all and you cannot under any circumstances let him destroy them all. When he destroys a generator, he might either a) smash it, electrocuting himself in the process (which does a ton of damage) or b) he'll pick it up and throw it at you, which you should avoid. Try not to get in the Abomination's face while he is at

How to Beat the Final Boss 10

Help: Some cheats that help on this level are the double damage cheat and double pick-up value cheat, which are listed before this. Some moves I've used that help are the Critical Pain move, Drop Kick (complete mid-air combo. All u need to do is buy the Tornado Frenzy move, and this complete combo comes along with it for some reason), and the Hitchhike move, but for the Hitchhike, you need to be an expert button masher, such as your's truly.

How to Beat Devil Hulk 1

This is the big baddy. Not quite the final boss, but close to it. You've heard about him throughout the game, nows your chance to seriously whup on him. His attacks are as follows:

How to Beat the Final Boss 1

Remember way back when, the first boss battle, when you had to fight the Abomination? Well he's back and he's badder than ever! Before you fight him to settle teh score once and for all, you actually have to chase him, but I'm going to talk about the fight.

How to Beat the Final Boss 2

Abomination is much larger than the already larger than life Hulk, and he has a complete health bar! His attacks are as follows (these might not be all of them, however):

How to Beat the Final Boss 3

Charge: He uses this one alot. It's just what it sounds like. Jump over him to avoid, then attack from behind while you're still in the air.

How to Beat the Final Boss 4

Elbow: He usually charges this, so it's easy to see coming, but you'll pay if it hits you. Simply keep your distance to avoid this move.

How to Beat the Final Boss 5

Punch: This move has different forms, but they're similar. Avoid the same way as the elbow.