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TER's newest installment....under a different name

posted by saintzFAN (WEST PALM BEACH, FL) Oct 7, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

25 out of 28 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

don't be fooled this is "Tokyo Extreme Racer" on the 360. TER has always been great, no dumb "car must look like this" thing, u can make the ultimate 'sleeper' if you feel the need. And no useless/pointless girls dancing or showing off or anything to take away from the real reason a racing game is RACE. It's all about being the lone wolf, so to speak, and beating car club after car club and countless wanderers to drive your way to the top of the underground racing scene.

Graphix: they're definatly nice to look at. the reflection and models are spot on life like. the streets look sweet, and much better than prior titles. plus they've added the fact of "speed blur" which makes u feel like ur doing 200mph, and it feels real nice.

Sound: nice, great engine sounds and everything overall.

Gameplay: well a few changes from the past. the key to winning a race (you'll both get a running start, and have to distance urself from the opponent long enough in order to win) is to get their "SP bar" to nothing. this is pretty basic for u veterens, but also an easy concept for the first timers out there. the big difference here is that there are almost no quick wins. you'll have to keep a nice distance for a long period of time before you win a race. this would have been frustrating but they have improved the car control. you will still hit walls and objects, but it's easier to go a long distance w/o screwing up TOO badly.

Overall: great game. if no one's experienced a TER before, you DEFINATLY, w/o a doubt, need to pick this up. if it's been a while since you've played TER:zero/3, then you should also hit up this updated version. Plus there is a TON to unlock and get in this game, most ppl never fully finish it, but for u completionists you'll eat this game up...for WEEKS!

This is the closest thing to a REAL underground racing game you'll come across. Not all flashy and skin-showing girls, just real cars in real races on real streets.

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What's in a name?

posted by Bearishly (WEAVERVILLE, NC) Dec 10, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

1 out of 1 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I bought this game based on marketing. With the description and name I expected to get what I love in a game. Real cars that have real customizability and really cool street racing. What I got was cars I cared nothing about racing and a boring game experience. Wheither you call it next or current gen, to have your interactions with racers be simply an outline and text is LAST gen. I was bored and got rid of it after just a couple hours of play.

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Old School Racer

posted by lotw01 (PALMDALE, CA) Oct 2, 2006

Member since Nov 2003

28 out of 39 gamers (72%) found this review helpful

This is nothing more than an old school racer with better graphics and newer cars. It is in reality Tokyo Extreme Racer redone. The graphics are not as good as they could be and the cars feel like they are floating, especially with the way the camera works when you make them slide. The racing gets repetitive, but then it does in almost every racing game where you are limited to a small number of tracks. The game would have been a lot better if they would have added more things to it. The best thing this game has going for it is the amount of tweaking that can be done to your car and it does effect the way it handles, etc. Another thing that hurts this title is no DAMAGE SYSTEM. This is a must now in racing games and any that doesn't use it loose points in my opinion. The slow down when you hit a wall is more realistic then some other games that just allow you to bounce off and keep going, cheaters use that all the time to win. If there were not so many other racing games out that did more things right, then this game would be good.

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