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Ice Age 2: The Meltdown


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Also on:PS2, DS, GC, GBA, Xbox
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Gameplay Controls

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Control Stick (Nunchuk) Move Player
Control Pad Camera Control
C Button (Nunchuk) Sniff (Hold). Use. Dive.
A Button Jump. Double Jump (Press Twice). Swim Forward (Hold When Underwater).
B Button Pebble Toss
Z Button (Nunchuk) First Person Camera (Hold)
+ Button Pause Menu
1 Button Center Camera View
Combo #1 Attack = Swipe Remote Pointer Left/Right
Combo #2 Dig At Dig Holes. Climb Slippery Walls = Swipe Remote Pointer Left/Right Continuously
Combo #3 Spin Attack = Swipe Remote Pointer Hard In Any Direction
Combo #4 Roll Attack = A Button + Swipe Remote Pointer In Any Direction
Combo #5 Ground Stomp = A Button (Press Twice) + Swipe Remote Pointer Down