Rent ICO for PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

How to defeat the Smoke Creatures easily

When you enter a room, and it is a clear run to the portal on the other side, take Yorda by the hand and run her to the portal with the black Smoke Creatures chasing you. As you get close to the portal, Yorda's activation of the portal will create lightning which will destroy the creatures anywhere near you.

How to find Yorda

When in the last level with Ico's horns cut off on the beach, go towards the left following the shore of the beach to find Yorda.

How to avoid losing Yorda

To avoid losing Yorda, as soon as you set her free press R1 and hold her hand, then run to the door . You should also pick up the stick that falls so you can defeat the Shadow Creatures easily.

Turning wheels

When turning big wheels, as when shutting off the water, turn from the farthest point to go faster.