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Absolutely terrible. controls are a BAD JOKE

posted by TopShotta1 (DENVER, CO) Nov 1, 2011

Member since May 2010

4 out of 18 gamers (22%) found this review helpful

I really wanted to like this game before playing it. I thought it was a sprawling epic of crazy proportions. Unfortunately, I found it IMPOSSIBLE to like with the outdated graphics and interface used in both games.

These were both amazing when they first came out, because the whole game focuses on the "wander" dynamic. But let's just be honest here. Wandering through a desert is a pain in real life, and it's an even bigger pain in a video game. The entire premise gets very old very quick with graphics that are ten years old and controls that don't work right.

One of the most frusterating, and least controllable aspects of 'Shadow' was the horse..........which you need to use to get to any stage of the game. The horse controls are so terrible I almost destroyed my HDTV by sending a flying dualshock controller straight through the television set. The stupid horse NEVER stops when you tell it to. Instead of stopping behind a beast, i'd end up riding below it and getting killed, because the horse absolutely refuses to stop when you tell it to.

In closing, I can see no redeeming factors what so ever that make this game even remotely playable. The only time these games were ever cool were right when they came out. Sony should literally be ashamed for putting a price tag of any kind on this, never mind 40 dollars. Shame on you, Sony.

Why did they even waste their time on this lame piece of you know what!? I think less of Sony as a company for how terrible this game was.

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So confusing

posted by the3Js (DURANT, OK) Dec 11, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

2 out of 9 gamers (22%) found this review helpful

This game is beautiful but it assumes that you know how to do everything right off the bat. We were left very confused as for what to do for most of it. There are no in game tutorials and, other than online guides it was pretty much just mashing buttons till you knew what to do. Very disappointing.

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posted by kittyblove (PHOENIX, AZ) Oct 17, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

3 out of 14 gamers (21%) found this review helpful

only for old fans..this game didnt impress me at all

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