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One word: Epic

posted by MrFeaRZ (New York, NY) Sep 30, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

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Shadow of the Colossus was my favorite PS2 game and its HD release on PS3 is one of the happiest moments of my gaming life. I never played Ico, nor do i have any interest in it, so this review is for SOTC.

Epic. Just epic. The entire game has 16 enemies. I'll never forget the feeling of seeing that first Colossi. It was something like, "Holy Shhhh, i have to kill THAT??" Then after watching tiny Wander climb up his calf, up his back, and finally get to the head, a strange feeling started to creep up inside me: sympathy.

You see, the Colossus dont attack you until you attack them. They dont want to be bothered. They're pretty much minding their Colossi business until they feel your arrow in their face. This is actually kind of saddening. After you take down the first few you start to sympathize with these monsters. And thats what makes this game incredible. Not only does it please your senses, but it also tugs at your emotions in a way that very few games can.

Shadow of the Colossus is a masterpiece and a must for any gamers collection. One day im sure they'll release it for PS4, and i'll buy it again. Though i'm sure by that time in technology i'll be able to smell the Colossus breath.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great game but a little overrated.

posted by Princ3_0f_Th3_D (DENVER, CO) Oct 29, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

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Story - 8.5
Pro - Your typical boy saves girl with a couple of cool twists, which works for this game.
Cons - Too predictable and bland at times and really doesn't get interesting until the end

Gameplay - 7.5
Pros - Simple but effective with great brain teaser puzzles.
Cons - Combat can get frustrating at times

Graphics - 9.0
Pros - Great Art Design and Graphics for its time
Con - N/A

Addiction Level - 7.5
Pros - Love the complexity of puzzles in the game
Cons - Not enough gameplay or story elements to keep you playing for more

Total : 8.0

Shadow of the Colossus

Story: 8.5
Pros - Much like Ico the story really doesn't flesh until the end. Though the end is well worth it!
Cons - Like I said it takes to the end to really get going.

Gameplay: 8.0
Pros: Never has finding out how to kill something been this fun.
Cons: Steering the horse is awful and sometimes when climbing and jumping on to other ledges can be confusing. Also the camera can get pretty awful at times.

Graphics: 8.0
Pros: Love the art style
Cons: The flow of hair and detail of characters are not that incredible.

Addiction Level: 8.5
Pros: Once you kill your first Colossi you'll be stuck.
Cons: Killing some colossi are not as fun as others.

Total: 8.0

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Decent Games

posted by gman11 (HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO) Apr 7, 2013

Member since Jun 2012

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ICO had a cool concept but nothing that great. It's pretty much a puzzle game, while escorting a girl out the entire time. Yorda, the girl, AI is pretty bad when youre trying to call you instead of holding her hand, and she follows at the wrong times, as well as standing on wrong things. The game had a couple very frustrating puzzles that took me a half hour just to figure out I had to do a certain thing.
Shadow of Collosus, in my opinion, was much better than ICO, but it got boring throughout the middle of the game. The concept is so cool, and the collosus' art is amazing, but you have to slay 16 collosi, but when you reach 8, you kind of get bored with the boss fights. Also, the final collosus fight is absolutely frustrating and took me an hour to beat him.

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