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Somehow not the same...

posted by Kajunnico (JACKSON, LA) Nov 11, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

Was really excited for this release because these were two of my favorites from the PS2 era (SotC more so than Ico). Both were extremely original, fun, and pretty, at least for their time. Ico is almost as I remember, yet this time around, it seemed easier (maybe due to not being a new thing). On the other hand, SotC, which used to walk that fine line between challenging and frustrating, somehow became more difficult. I don't know if they tweaked the controls or gameplay, but I don't remember the hero being so clumsy and uncooperative. I'm ok with making a wrong move and having to start over, but now it seems like the dude stumbles or loses his grip everytime the monster thinks about breathing. One thing I thought was missing was a joystick sensitivity setting; sometimes, you want to adjust slightly while running, riding, or climbing, but your little guy feels like a 90 degree turn is called for. Maybe it's just me. Would like to give Team ICO a 10 just for bringing these favorites back, but take away 2 because of the frustration factor and another point just because [SPOILER...-ish]
Team ICO seems to like (somewhat) downer endings.

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posted by LocoForte (REDWOOD CITY, CA) Nov 6, 2011

Member since Mar 2007

Everyone needs to remember this game began development for the PS1 over a decade ago. The immense landscape and vistas this game provides were groundbreaking. It's a simple, yet grand adventure. That said, it's still riddled with bugs and glitches that made me want to hurl my controller at the wall. This release is also mainly to pump up enthusiasm for their new release The Last Guardian. So take the technical issues with a grain of salt and just enjoy the game for the fact that it's "a classic"

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posted by playarrr (SALISBURY, MD) Oct 26, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

If you enjoy clunky controls, abysmal graphics, having to read the story like a foreign film, then this collection is for you! I did not play the games when they first came out, so I don’t have any preconceived notions. They may have been good at the time, but controls, cameras, graphics etc have come so far that these games are unplayable.

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