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Very Good

Worth it.

posted by RKOX13 (LA PINE, OR) Mar 14, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

I've noticed the low scores plaguing this game and other titles like it and wanted to write a review from the mind of someone who is interested in this type of game and knew what I was getting into when I started.

This game is a parody on videos and electronics and so going into this game you shouldn't expect a serious epic adventure. This game is meant for fun. The story is interesting even if you're like myself and don't "get" EVERY reference in it. From what I've played and researched online their are only female characters in this game aside from some unpictured male NPCs, so you may not love its lack of gender diversity.

They use a active image style from a lot of the storytelling portions, which is still pictures made to move slightly so it looks like the characters are breathing and alive instead of static. I personally believe that's a great way to tackle making a still picture storytelling game in todays high graphics world and I think it looks really good. There is also a decent amount of customizing to be done with each character.

It's a turn based RPG based on combo attacks selected with the triangle, square, circle, and X buttons. It can get a little tedious putting in the combos after a time but if you go into the combo menu's and customize the combos there are a lot of different combinations.

The game did freeze on me a few time when I, say, opened a chest and tried to switch skills before the animation was done. This can be very frustrating when you're a player like myself that doesn't always save after every little thing. No one want to do things over again because of a game glitch.

All these things together coupled with the fact that bonus missions and some other items come as free DLC, and its decent length, I gave the game a fairly decent rating.

Definitely worth a play for someone looking for a lighthearted and fun RPG to play. Just don't forget to save!

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Couldn't play the game

posted by Geordanpetrotta (IDABEL, OK) Feb 25, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

I couldn't play it and i can't rate it because of the fact that i couldn't play it and it had a few smudges on to so that could've been the reason of it.

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Maybe Once Upon a Time

posted by IndigoAK (FAIRBANKS, AK) Dec 1, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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I might have enjoyed this game when I was younger. The story is completely off the wall and full of gaming industry references (one of the few aspects I enjoyed in the short time I spent with the game) and the static art is of typical quality for a Japanese visual novel type game (which means it's great, but not altogether standout either), but everything else is why I chose to send this game before I finished it. The framerate in dungeons and battles is capped at 15 or something similar so everything looks like it's in slow motion (and you can't change the speed the game renders at). The combo system is also really confusing. Basically, instead of normal attacks the game uses a combo system similar to the old PS1 game Legend of Legaia. Every button press adds to a combo. Different combos produce different attacks which you learn as you level up. This is a great system - except for the fact that there's no way to see a combo list in battle and since there's like 60 or 70 possible combos, it gets confusing really quicly. You also can't heal manually. Instead, your characters have to learn healing skills which will only acitivate a certain percentage of the time based on certain criteria. This ends up getting really frustrating after awhile because characters will end up not healing when you really need them to, even if you have their skill equiped and the percentage high. Exploration gameplay in this game is non-existent. Movement around the world outside of dungeons is entirely menu drive. You select a short blurb from one menu, which might play a scene, then you select a dungeon from another menu. There's also a menu for shopping. Needless to say, this game can get kind of boring.

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