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Really Bad

Go play some better JRPG's.

posted by 8bitBass (MARYSVILLE, WA) Mar 10, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

You can read the other bad reviews so I will not be redundant.

I was willing to put up with everything about this game IF the battle system was any good. Unfortunately it is slow, awkward and simply not fun. The frame rate is horrible and dungeon crawling feels like a form of torture.

2011 RPG's also need to do better than just dialogue on a story board. Do not expect any cut scenes with cinematics.

I wanted to like this game, especially with the gaming pop culture references, but alas I was just not having any fun.

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A bit juvenile

posted by Surge83 (BRADFORD, PA) Mar 5, 2011

Member since Mar 2008

Ok i've had this game since it came out about a month i guess i like its not perfect but no game is theres always a flaw this game makes its flaws evident the music is tiring the dialog at first grates the nerves the combat is clunky not as clunky as some games ive played only thing is the healing system you have no item use option whch can get annoying but when you learn how to use the item setting system( i know confusing) it allws you to focus soley on battle which in all honesty is good aside from a sharp learnin curve that is yur stats and lvl are everything in this game trust me the characters let you know how important yer stats are oh yeah this may not be apropriate for children as there are sailor moon type transformations boob talk and panty shots not to mention questionable language but if you can get past its flaws and juvenile humor this is a good game that will keep you satisfied it pokes fun of the video game industry even some popular games so give it a rent its entertaining

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omg i almost threw up in my mouth

posted by Karinka88 (MONTROSE, CO) Feb 21, 2011

Member since May 2010

where to begin... ps2 graphics at best a storyline that makes no sense if you care about that walking through a dungeon is stale but at least you do move fast camera is manageable controls while moving are pretty awkward hard to explain if you played Trinity Universe you will know what i mean theres a variety of skills/abilities even has item synth system and a combo tree where you can design your own combos which im sure if i played it longer i could design some pretty cool combos you can incorporate elemental effects into your attacks i know right its starting to sound good....well lets talk about the really bad things the combat would have been cool if every enemy didnt look like an atari space invaders alien and to make it look even more like that the enemies are even deliberately Pixelated....ya and even worse then that the BGM will make you physically ill it is literally one 2 sec beat over and over its probably the worst thing ive ever heard and its not a good pump you up kinda beat its an 8-bit bump bump um bump im not even joking ...the combat system almost saved it just the enemies and the music i couldnt take anymore after about 2 hrs that was it for me it had potential and thats all the positive ill give it it failed everywhere though dont rent

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