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Dull, Unoriginal, and Repetitive is being nice

posted by longwinded (RALEIGH, NC) Mar 28, 2011

Member since Jul 2006

It's obvious from the beginning that this game was produced to make money and for no other reason. The engine is a complete ripoff of Trinity Universe and there are minimal gameplay changes. The script concentrates on the fictional world of "GameIndustry", meaning that the writers of the game couldn't be bothered to come up with something interesting and instead just wrote about their own lives. The dungeons are simple and boring, appearing to just be grid-based with basic building blocks which repeat ad nauseam. The battle system would be interesting except that only a few of the skills are actually useful and the rest sit in a list doing nothing. Special moves which are "themed" after classic video games consist of nothing but some swirling lights and 8-bit icons for the game, followed by damage to your opponents.

I've always liked Koei and sometimes NIS so this level of slapdash development is pretty dismaying. Do yourself a favor, skip this for something better.

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Calmdimension Neptunia

posted by zargot (BURLINGTON, VT) Mar 26, 2011

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Member since Oct 2009

I knew going into this game that is was going to be bad but I thought what the heck its a gamefly and I always try out new Guest and Nisa games, sadly it was as expected.

Controls were not so great in this game, so often in battle it would not respond to the inputs and you would end up just having to keep tapping the buttons to get them to work. Also the camera never keeps up with controls, very annoying. Graphics were that of a PS2 game, not bad if this was 10 years ago. Game play was boring at best, same photo copy battles over and over again. Story line was painful at best, characters were boring, uninspired and full of cheesy one liners.

What made this game terrible was the core, the battle system. I can deal with cheesy characters, heck sometimes that makes the game funny, but bad battle system is a killer. The thing I hated the most about the battle system was there aren't any healing items. You can't heal unless you first either buy items or collect them from the ground after a battle, then you have to equip a skill that allows you to use healing items with a certain probability, ever worse if you are low level and only have a 20% chance, then hope that when you fall below 30% health that the skill kicks in and you heal.

I am happy this was a gamefly choice but it was terrible and I don't recommend it to anyone unless you are a die hard Gust fan and enjoy playing every piece of garbage the bring overseas.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by bLOOM (AUSTIN, TX) Mar 24, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

I've only been playing this game for about 9 hours so far, and so far so good, if you ask me. Enjoy it for what it is, without automatically comparing it to other games.
Addressing the most common complaints about the game, a big one being the graphics. Really? I thought it looked great. A lot of people mention it's PS2 quality. How much better can it get when it's basically anime? Don't pick up a game that looks like this expecting some outrageous graphic magic. I personally really like the graphics.
A lot of people also complain about the dialog, and I have to halfway agree. Some of it really grated on me, but it doesn't really ruin the game. Mostly I just don't like any of the voice actresses; they all sound really annoying. I suppose -1 for that.
As for the battle system, it CAN be really slow and irritating, if you let it.
Tip: In the bottom left corner of the screen during a battle it says "L2: Skip" and if you press L2 it will skip the battle animation that is currently happening. The battles go SUPER fast if you press L2. You have to basically tap it the whole time, but you're tapping buttons constantly to play games to begin with, so it's not really that much more trouble. The combo system is great.
Tip 2: You will learn a move to continue a combo past the 4 moves, and if you do it right you can pull off massive combos. Pair that up with L2 and battles will take around 30 seconds.
The music. I don't really like it. I just turn down the volume. I suggest you do the same. -1 more for that.

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