Rent Hunter: The Reckoning for GC
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Hunter: The Reckoning

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Also on:Xbox
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Recommended character

Select the Judge during the game in single player mode. The flaming crossbow arrows will be visible in the FMV sequence but not actually in the game.

How to avoid damage

The easiest way to avoid taking damage from zombies and other creatures is to stand on top of an object (for example, cars or trucks), staying away from the edges, and blasting away. If the object can explode, blow it up before you get on or it may explode while you are on top.

Demand edge

By activating the Demand Edge harms your hunter -- use it sparingly.

Healing edge

Defender's Healing Edge can heal all Hunters near her when it gets to level 2 and 3. In level 2, hunters must come close to Defender. In level 3, Hunters can be a few steps away.