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Hunter: The Reckoning

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Also on:GC
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Gameplay Controls

Hunter:The Reckoning

Directional Pad Zoom Camera In/Out
Left Thumbstick Move Character
Right Thumbstick Aim Character
A Button Activate Edge/Switch Weapons/Reload Weapon/Action
B Button Scroll Through Special Weapons
X Button Scroll Through Basic Weapons
Y Button Scroll Through Edges
Left Trigger Jump
Right Trigger Melee Attack/Fire Ranged Weapon
Start Pause
Combo #1 Left Thumbstick Any Direction + Right Thumbstick Opposite Direction = Walk Backward
Combo #2 Left Thumbstick Any Direction + Right Thumbstick at 90 Degree Angle = Strafe
Combo #3 Strafe + Left Trigger = Roll
Combo #4 Right Trigger Repeatedly = Combo Attacks
Combo #5 Right Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger = Lunging Combo Attacks
Combo #6 Left Thumbstick + Right Thumbstick Same Direction + Right Trigger = Running Attack
Combo #7 Left Trigger, Right Trigger = Airborne Attack