Rent Hunter: The Reckoning for Xbox
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Hunter: The Reckoning

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Do a Sound test)

While playing the game push Left, Left, B or Right, Right B.

Get the hidden power-up in the catacombs

Enter the room with the two innocent sisters, but don't leave after beating the enemies.. If you take a closer look at the walls you will notice that there are cracks. In these cracks there are hidden power-ups and special weapons. Just attack the walls and the extras will become apparent

Using the 360 degree attack with Avenger)

If you are in a jam and you need to defeat many enemies simply get in the middle of these enemies and use your cleave ax to eliminate most of your opponents.

Stipulation to Demand Edge)

If you use the demand edge remember that it will hurt your hunter endemically.

Using Healing Edge to your advantage)

The healing edge of Defender will heal all hunters in a close proximity in levels 2 (must be close) and 3 (must be a few steps away).