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Not a total failure...

posted by HardBoiled (TARZANA, CA) Jul 2, 2011

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Aside from the design flaws and mundane gameplay, Hunted is interesting enough to want to play through only to find out how it ends. What could have been an epic open world experience, is nothing more than a linear hack 'n slash, where you fight your way from one end of the map to the other, with the occasional puzzle thrown in. It seems this game is best played in co-op mode, but you can also choose to play alone with the ability to switch between characters at certain points. You really don't have to, unless you want to experience a very minor difference in gameplay. One character is a she-elf, who is quick, handy with a bow. The other, a barbarian warrior, who relies mostly on sword and shield, and brute strength. Gameplay is very linear, you're basically on rails and can't stray to far off the path. A shame really as this could have been an awesome open world adventure. The fighting mechanics get stale real fast because you use the same combination of moves no matter what weapon you weild. Clearly the developers didn't bother to utilize different fighting moves for the different weapons you can pick up, which would have been cool. There is no real incentive to spend time searching every nook and cranny you can for secrets as they don't yield anything of real value, unless you're the type to have to find everything in the game. Little technical flaws like not being able to switch characters on the fly, predictable enemy A.I, lack of originality in enemy design, and the worst one is only being allowed to carry a set number of health potions. The graphics are pretty standard, voice acting is acceptable, and the soundtrack fits the mood.

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Great Game But Way Over hyped.

posted by Suspect (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Jun 1, 2011

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When I first popped in Hunted I have to admit that I wasn't Impressed at all. Part of the reason was because the developers over hyped the game describing it as a dungeon crawler. although it is indeed a dungeon crawler. the game itself lacks all the basics that RPG fans have come to expect out of a dungeon crawler. Enemies do not drop loot such as weapons and armor, there are no shops to buy items, and no inventory. This game is for all intents and purposes an action adventure game. although there are light RPG elements in the game such as the a skill tree which allows players to spend any found power crystals on spells, bow, and melee attacks. there is no traditional level gain system. the game awards the player with permanent character enhancements by the amount of melee kills, executions, and bow kills the player accumulates throughout the game. There are weapons and armor to be found but all the stellar equipment wont be obtainable until the second or third play through via new game plus. Fans of the Champions of Norath games will be familiar with this set up.

At first glance Hunted can be easily dismissed before the player finishes the tutorial/epilogue. The graphics are mediocre and the level design seems quite bland. After spending 9 hours on the game I have to say that Hunted becomes a very fun and addicting game once the player lets go of his or her hyped expectations of the game and accepts Hunted for what it really is. People will trash and downplay this game without giving it a fair shot simply because it is immediately noticeable that the game did not meet the players overly high expectations. But with 15-20 hours of game play, solid controls and game play, stellar online co-op, and the ability to add tons of replay value with the crucible/dungeon creator tool, players coming into Hunted with low expectations will see hunted for the wonderful co-op experience that it is.

I highly recommend Hunted as a rental to all who love local/ online CO-OP.

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Very Good

Good Game

posted by kayneandkaylee (FAIRFIELD, CA) Jun 14, 2011

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I would have to say I don't agree with the reviews about the game being fact my wife and I love the game even though its a bit dark for my tastes and I mean Gamma wise but overall its got great tactical game play. It forces you to work with your partner which is a great team building exercise for couples. So Beyond the incessant darkening of the screen even after you change the Gamma its not a bad game and its worth the Rent if not Buy.

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