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How to Train Your Dragon


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Also on:DS, Xbox 360, PS3
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GF Rating


Decent game not made for little kids though

posted by juggalogmr (HEMET, CA) May 26, 2010

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Rented this game for my 4 year old daughter[loved the movie], whom is particularly good at video games for her age. She had a hard time with this one though, and gave up rather frustrated soon, likely due to the controls and camera angles. I don't think this game was developed for the correct age genre it attracts, because I found it kinda addicting for myself, once I took over for her. There are lots of upgrades for all the different dragons in the movie, and mini-games that help upgrade to. All in All I liked it, but it's not made for little kids as I hoped.

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Very Good

childish but fun

posted by bigwinslow (FOLSOM, CA) Jul 20, 2010

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just like every other movie inspired game its repetitive some times boring but fun for the most part. in story mode you customize up to four different dragons with over twenty feature options and three different color trim choices for each dragon. the battles can get difficult and at times needs some strategy to win. The six mini games are all worth playing at least twice until you've mastered it and move on. I finished the game 100% in about twelve hours so i say its worth the day or two rental to customize, battle, and train your dragon.

Player beware use new battery's for your wii controller the mini games and battles can get sensitive or not read the direction your swinging.

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This game too perfectly titled

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Mar 30, 2010

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It never fails. When they make a hit movie, they just have to make a third rate video game just to get more money from the audience.
How to Train Your Dragon, the Video Game, is part Street Fighter, part Nintendogs, and part basic adventure. In this game, you are given a dragon and have to train it to compete in a tournament.
But you have to keep the dragon healthy and happy by giving it stuff, stuff that you find all over town and the Wild Zone
Once your dragon is sort of powerful, you compete in the tournament and win it. Game over, right.
Not here. A second tournament opens up, but you have to train your dragon even more, get a second dragon and put it through the same repetitive training exercises as the first.
Oh, and you have to gather up twice as many items to keep them healthy and happy.
See where I’m going with this? The game can get tedious very quickly; you’ll be doing the same things over and over and over again. You will have to (eventually) get four dragons, put all four of them through the exact same training exercises, and go out wandering about gathering a vast amount of items for those dragons.
The fighting isn’t that fun either; it’s just a button mashing, Wiimote waving exercise. Breathing fire isn’t recommended because as you are getting a powerful blast, your opponent can either dodge the attack or hit you first (you can’t block and generate the fire blast at the same time.) The universal blocking can turn these fights bland and boring. Adding a second player in arcade mode doesn’t improve this game very much.
Sure, some of the five mini games are interesting, and you can make vast adjustments to your dragon’s appearance with different body parts with a vast array of colors to paint those body parts.
But the core game play will try your patience. How to Train Your Dragon, the Wii version needs some more adventure in it to kick it up a notch. SKIP IT

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