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House of the Dead: Overkill


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Not quite "Overkill", but still tons of fun

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Feb 15, 2009

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The House of the Dead (HotD) series has been around for quite a while, and if you want a peek at Agent G (They have got to tell us what the G stands for) in one of his first dealings with the undead.
But the mood of HotD: Overkill is very campy, and there's a lot of humor in the story line. I think the reason is because the voice acting in HotD 2 and HotD 3 were so bad, they decided to just make the whole game into a B rated horror experience. It's even got the cheesy narrator and groovy music.
I like that move; the writing is spot on with every character giving out some real funny lines.
It also works a a rail shooter; the controls work fine, and you can buy bigger and more powerful guns in successive play through of the story mode. (there's a choice of another pistol, two shotguns, a machine pistol and an assault rifle.)
There's also the option of improving any guy you do get to make them hold more bullets per clip, reload faster, more powerful and so on.
Outside of the story mode, HotD: Overkill has three mini games, but I think they're totally disposable.
And the Director's Cut felt like a cheap way to pad out the game. For $50, I say we deserve better.
Still, HotD: Overkill is a must rent for all who are looking for simple zombie shooting action - and maybe a purchase at a lower price. RENT IT.

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very surprising when you start playing

posted by jfuse1212 (WORCESTER, MA) Feb 14, 2009

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when i got this game i was thinking it would be like the other hod for the wii, but i was wrong. its more of a grind house looking game and they throw swears left and right, which at times is pretty funny.the game does have some hiccups when you turn to face more enemy's, but overall the game performs awesome. story mode isn't long at all, but the game ups the replay value. there's mini games you can play with ur friends, upgrade/buy new weapons. exploding zombie heads,arms,legs looks awesome. the game is just plain fun and def. a mature title. the most fun i had was the stayin' alive mode were if u plug in another remote you can dual wheeled the wii motes if u you have pistol attachments. def. a game hardcore games have been looking for on the wii

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Absolutely awesome

posted by SharkdrivR (CENTER POINT, AL) Feb 14, 2009

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Jus' played the first 4 levels and had to stop to tell somebody how good this game is., rent, borrow this game. This is a must play. For me, the last House of the Dead was overly difficult. This is a welcomed departure from the previous iterations of the game. The grindhouse style the game is presented in, is a perfect match for HotD. The controls are great (you have the option to calibrate aim) and you can enjoy the fun with up to 3 other friends. For me this is a keeper and a welcomed addition to a genre of game that I feel gets overlooked. Oh yeah, one last thing. Parents PLEASE take note of the "M" rating. This game is absolutely not for children!! If you like this game be sure to check out Ghost Squad and Resident Evil "Umbrella Chronicles".

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