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posted by RKEN38 (RIDGEVILLE, SC) Mar 1, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

I can live with the gore and explicite vids but the language for this one would make a sailor blush.(and im an ex sailor) terrible language. I would not want my children playing it. I played the whole came with no sound so i didnt have to hear it.. if this is all these game manf got they can keep this one. as for the action fair graphics good. but you killed one zombie you killed them all.
i finished all game levels and got the hand cannon, mini gun ect in one day, still the same just a different sound...
go back the the gaming boards on this one. it

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Above Average

Mom and Dad WON'T be happy with this one.

posted by VegasRiv (LAS VEGAS, NV) Feb 25, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

House of the Dead:Overkill COULD have been a great game, unfortunately the adult dialog and situations in this game made it difficult to love.

The game looks great, blood and gore fans will be very happy and the game is a great deal of fun to play overall. The whole atmosphere of the game is a simulated campy low budget horror flick basically, very reminiscent of a Quentin Tarantino film.

The downside to all the fun is the crude situations and almost non stop use of the F-word in various forms, I guess that's why they call it overkill.

Mom and Dads take note. this is rated M and NOT for the kids.

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Ehh it was okay...RENT BEFORE YOU BUY

posted by STarbUrst (SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Feb 22, 2009

Member since Jan 2005

Definitely not one to let the kids play.

i thought that this game was alright, but i expected a lot more from it. it got pretty boring pretty quick, really repetitive. There wasnt much creativity with how the zombies- i mean MUTANTS come at you. Yeah, some are faster than others, but they all just run at you. Got pretty boring with that. And there are tons of cutscenes. Also, the bosses were just too easy...

What i DID like was how they run at you. The graphics were good for a wii game. I loved how you could buy more weapons and upgrade them. I thought that was a good new thing from the HOTD series. i also liked how they broke it up into little "short films"

And you'll soon come to know why they called it OVERKILL. The cutscenes are like old '70s cop movies, with the funky music in the backround while you play, and the cutscenes are pretty first. The Detective cusses a storm right from the get-go in the intro video. But that gets old fast, cuase it gets pretty old and cheesy. me and my friend were just like "okay i get it already"haha. And G isn't an angel either.
its a shist storm of, well, shist. and frucks and mutha frucks. haha.

must rent before buying.

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