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This is a game for mystery lovers

posted by KliqHBK (FRANKFORD, MO) Jul 6, 2009

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This game is alright. It has a pretty solid story line, but if you dont like to read then this game is not for you. The characters often confront each other and their conservations get real lenghtly. If you mess up a conversation then you have to restart the whole conversation again. Two things I had a real problem with is #1 your actions don't really affect the outcome of the game. If you do something wrong you just get kicked out of the hotel and your forced to restart the part you were on. #2 you spend alot of time walking around; trying to find what to do next. That got really annoying. The puzzles in this game are pretty fun. Some are too easy. There are some pretty funny moments in the game, but not too many.

So is this game worth playing? I only suggest playing this game if you love to read and have the patcience to restart lengthy conversations if you mess up. This is also the game for mystery lovers. If you love to read mystery novels then PLAY THIS GAME! You will love if. If your not this kind of person then PLEASE dont waste your time playing this game.

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A classic adventure game

posted by heimburg (ORLANDO, FL) Feb 7, 2007

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This is a hard core adventure game that feels like it jumped out of the early 90's adventure-game heyday. You're in for an interesting story combined with very difficult puzzles. My review score is somewhat lowered because of the puzzles... I felt many of them were "cheaty" and I had to use a FAQ to solve them. You probably will, too. But if you keep a FAQ handy you'll probably enjoy this game.

The main distinguishing trick to this game (aside from its story setting) is that you hold the DS sideways for the entire game. This works surprisingly well, and seems to make it easier to see both screens at once. If you're right handed, you might end up holding the DS in such a way that your hand covers the speaker -- watch out for that.

The characters' art style is unique and pretty interesting. The 3D rendered world is very simplistic, but it gets the job done. Really, though, the only thing you're playing for is the story and the puzzles. I think the story gets better as the game goes on, while the puzzles get trickier.

It's natural to compare this game to Phoenix Wright. I think Phoenix Wright is much funnier (Hotel Dusk is not a funny game). Phoenix Wright also has much more reliable puzzle difficulty. Hotel Dusk, on the other hand, has a better story with a more interesting mystery. If you haven't played either of them, Phoenix Wright may be the better one to start with, as it's easier. But you may find that you like Dusk better in the end.

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Stylish and tedious, but not really 'fun'.

posted by pixelator (SAN RAFAEL, CA) May 5, 2007

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Tedious doesn't even begin to Hotel Dusk - a game that's essentially 90% tapping through slow text conversation, 5% wandering around on a crude overhead iconic map and 5% solving puzzles made difficult by the stylus interface. Even simple procedures like opening or knocking on a door take are irritatingly time consuming. Navigating the hotel map with stylus or d-pad is ungainly and forces you to literally have to look at two screens at once, one that gives you the first person perspective and the other that you use the stylus on to guide your crude little marker arrow.

The visuals are stylish and evocative, although it wouldn't have killed them to hire some voice actors instead of dealing with a couple of slowly revealing lines of text at a time in a little box. Also, I'm 38. The developers apparently weren't around in the 70's, judging from dialogue and other details.

Big creative points for the open book/dual screen idea, but after that novelty wears off, you're left with working needlessly convoluted tasks like finding a particular size of wire because the key you (awkwardly) turned in the lock of your suitcase broke.

The stuff that goes wrong in the game seems like an exercise in Murphy's Law. Your money to pay the hotel owner is in that locked suitcase. You get delivered a box, but it's the wrong one, so you have to track down the right box. And watch out what you say in the game, because if you tell someone the wrong thing, your game could be over without you knowing it, allowing you to play for some time before being told 'oh, by the way, you lost the game when you did that - bye'. I find myself constrained by the interface and pacing of the story and interactions with other characters in the game - not a good thing.

I'm reminded by Cing's last effort, Trace Memory. Another sketchy-drawn, plodding storybook adventure that took forever to get rolling and handed you frustrating and out-of-place puzzles amidst lots of wandering and talking...

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