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Hot Wheels: Velocity X


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Also on:GC, GBA
GF Rating

95 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Hot Wheels: Velocity X

Directional Buttons Control Direction/Perform Stunts (In Midair)
X Button Accelerate
Square Button Power Slide
Circle Button Brake/Reverse
L2 Button Cycle Through Gadgets
L1 Button Bash Car to Left/Roll Left (In Midair)
R2 Button Use Gadget
R1 Button Bash Car to Right/Roll Right (In Midair)
Start Button Pause
Select Button Change Camera Angle
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Control Direction/Perform Stunts (In Midair)
Combo #1 X + X = Turbo Boost
Combo #2 Left Analog Stick or Directional Button + R1 or L1 = Special Stunts (In Midair Only)