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GF Rating

Above Average

This Was Ok

posted by VitaPs4Review (SAN ANTONIO, TX) May 23, 2013

Member since May 2013

I don't really have any major complaints with this game. I liked the fact that as I won I could add new clothes to my golfer. The Gameplay was solid and picking up on it was seemless.

When it comes to golf I am more of the realistic game player so when this game started to become challenging I started to loose interest in the game.

This is more of a personal preference ranking than anything but when I play childish looking games I expect to fly straight through them with a more of a leisurely type approach...This game does not allow that. It starts to become pretty hard and I did not have the patience for that on this type of game.

This would be great for people who are a fan of the seris but this was just not the game for me.

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GF Rating

Above Average

New to HSG franchise

posted by Signal20 (SPRING HILL, FL) Apr 5, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

!! Requires ONLINE PASS to play multiplayer !!

This was the first HSG game I have played, as I am normally playing the Tiger series. I wasn't expecting it to be a Tiger game, but to me it seems that HSG is merely a Japanese port lacking polish. The text was poorly translated and the gameplay was annoying. Seemed like most of my shots were rolling off the fairway or into bunkers, all while dealing with crazy winds. I finally sent it back to GF after trying to enter a daily tourney for the trophy and it prompting me for an online pass. Glad I didn't purchase this title at launch!

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GF Rating


Can anyone say..............mulligan?

posted by DanNaruto1 (CHANNAHON, IL) Mar 2, 2012

Member since Aug 2010

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Let me start off by saying that this is one of those games that tests one patience level. If your like me who can put up with the high level of BS that this game will throw at you from time to time, then you should be fine. BUT if your not me and don't have a high patience level then you might want to stay away from this game bcos you most likely will end up breaking your PS Vita or something else near you.

There Training mode where you can practice and Stroke mode where you can play freely at one maps 9 in, 9 out, and 18 holes and then Online mode where you can compete among hunderds of players in a map for bragging rights on the map leaderboards.

But Challenge mode is where the focus point of this game is. This mode is very easy at the beginning, then it is a little hard half way through, but when you get up to sliver rank, it becomes a game where ONE mistake will send you from 1st place to 10th in a blinke of an eye. Sure there is easy mode for beginners, but in truth, it really doesn't help much. This game would REALLY benifite from having mulligans espically in challenge mode bcos if you made a bad mistake you should have a chance to retry that hole instead of having to redo the ENTIRE round.

Pro - Unique characters, club and ball customization, lots of unlockables to buy, can customize lobby characters and golfer, online is enjoyable, maps are unique even if often difficult, graphics are above average for a launch game.

Cons - No choice of automatic impact (Mario Golf Toadstool Tour), no mulligans in challenge mode, cannot tell windspeed, advanced maps are impossible to navigate through, unforgiving and frustrating gameplay, putting is nearly impossible outside 10ft, some gold crown requirements are ridicolous.

This game by all means is a GOOD game, but if you aren't able to see through the constant BS this game will throw at you, your better off staying away if you know what's good for you and your $300 PS Vita.

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