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Not what it could be

posted by blahwi (PEWAUKEE, WI) Apr 13, 2008

Member since Mar 2007

I have played Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds for about 3 weeks now. Overall I'm disappointed with the game as I hoped it would provide a fun, arcade style golf game, but the small nuances of it takes the enjoyment out of the game.

Pros: The game has fantastic graphics (even as cartoon models), is relatively simple to pick up and has decent player animations.

Cons: The color schemes...let me take a moment to explain this one. Ex. 1 (Advanced shot mode) When your hitting the ball there is a white circle that will shrink in size, your goal is to hit 'x' as the white circle is inside of a smaller red circle....the smaller the white circle the more accurate your shot will be. Simple enough....UNLESS...your in a sand trap with white you cannot see the white circle. Ex 2. (Traditional Shot) With traditional shot selection you have a power bar that will be familiar to anyone who has played previous hot shots game. When you hitting a full shot you have a yellow cursor that will scroll to the left, you hit 'x' to set you power and then it scrolls right and you hit 'x' again for your accuracy...problem is, as the white cursor scrolls left it leaves a yellow trail, so when it starts to scroll back to the can't see the cursor again.
Also, wind does not seem to effect the distance of a ball hit and my biggest that the friction properties of the rough on the courses. When your ball is rolling and hits the rough, it will roll the exact speed and same way it would if you had hit it on the fairway, which means you don't lose distance, but it gets really sickening having a ball skid across the green, hit the fringe, speed up as it rolls through the rough into the sand/water...happens WAY too often in this game. And last but certainly not least...only 6 courses. I wish developers would start using the tools that the PS3 has given them.

Overall: Not a bad game, worth a play...just not worth a buy

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Wasn't impressed

posted by senorDHas (SPARKILL, NY) Apr 13, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

The graphics on this game were appealing, but the game got very repetitious. The comments by the caddies were very annoying, and I was bored easily.

To me the game just couldn't hold my interest as what looked to like it would be more of an Outlaw golf type game than a Tiger Woods type. Honestly, I would rather play either of the 2 listed over this game any day.

By looking at the screen shots and description on GameFly I thought that I might end up keeping this one, but ended up returning soon after receiving it...

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Solid Comic Golf Game, fun for many ages

posted by Duomenox (PHOENIX, AZ) Apr 11, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

I a ma fan of the Hot Shots franchise and I have to say I am a bit disappointed at the lack of characters you have at the beginning of the game.

After playing a few challenges, I do enjoy the game quite a bit and I definitely like how it looks in HD (especially compared to Hot Shots 4 bring Up-scaled).

The traditional controls are still there, you can add spin to your ball, as well as indicating the general region of impact. They have also added an Advanced System. This new system has you gage your power based upon the animation of the character's backswing. Then, in true Guitar Hero fashion, the accuracy of the shot is determined by your ability to hit the x button when a shrinking outer circle matches up with the ball...

As you win challenges, you gain "Loyalty Levels" these new levels unlock a particular "feature" for your character. For example, Level 1 adds an additional power shot to your character. Level 2 adds the ability to fine tune your shooting strength...

You also get to pick on of 9 cards after winning a challenge. You get to keep the prize on that card which ranges from another useless caddy with a British accent, to new clubs and golf balls.

If you win enough challenges, you gain the right to challenge the "Pro" for your rank. if you win, you get to play as that character... or get a prize, it really depends on the rank.

Overall, it is a nice golf game that everyone in the family can enjoy.

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