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Euthanize This Game

posted by Tomboy99 (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Aug 4, 2010

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I have played many horse-riding games. Some were moderate. Some were good. Only one was really wonderful. This is NOT the wonderful one. This is the worst ever! This is even worse than old ones that were made for the original PlayStation (old). First, I am so incredibly sick of the riding tutors on all these games being elderly men! That is age discrimination and gender bias! Give me a tutor that is middle age (45 to 50) and a woman! What IS IT with these (bleep)ing old men on these games!? STOP IT!!!! I am so glad I rented and did not buy this. Second, this game had NO customizing options for the rider. She was a blonde girl. I am a brunette. Hello!? What the (blank) is wrong with the developers of these games? Why are they all so sexist? Why do they think only men can teach me to ride a horse? Finally, the trail rides here were awful. You cannot just ride where you want. It was just a trail that the horse followed as you controlled its speed. You could guide the horse a bit left or right, but you could not really go anywhere.
The graphics were pretty. That's the only nice thing I can say of this.
Finally, quit the ridiculous story cutscenes! Just let me ride and compete! We don't need stupid stories!!
I recommend to horse-lovers to play Gallop and Ride! That one is the one wonderful horse game that I played and later bought. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to play that again right now.

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posted by wolf_gamer (FOUNTAIN CITY, IN) Apr 22, 2011

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The people don't talk and not much intaction with the characters there was no point to it, but wonderful country side, woods, and beaches. To the people that don't like you say the same thing even after they lose to you which is a bad story line, the controls delay as well. I say if you are going to have people make them talk and have a better story line. Thank you for your time.

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An Okay Game

posted by saintainity (MOUNT PLEASANT, NC) May 28, 2012

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I think this game may be better suited for smaller girls.

- : negatives
You don't have the option for controlling your person, so that's a negative. 'Days' consist of 5 activities - at least one (more like 2) need to be grooming to keep the horse's cleanness up. Grooming becomes monotonous and very boring. You have to do it just right, and it because frustrating, especially for the younger kids. Days seem repetitive. You train, you compete, you groom... over and over again. Theres a LOT of reading, though. Maybe 3rd or 4th grade level.

+ : positives
The game has pretty good graphics. The horse you pick out has a lot of customization. There are multiple disciplines you can choose from to complete - not just the two disciplines you can train for.

Overall, not a horrible horse game, but it could be better.

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