Rent Hooked! Real Motion Fishing for Wii
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Hooked! Real Motion Fishing

Not Rentable
GF Rating

488 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Hooked! Real Motion Fishing
Control Pad
Move Boat. Select Fishing Point.
A Button
Casting. Reeling Normal Speed. Thumbing (Press While Line Is Tense).
B Button
Reeling Slow Speed
1 Button
Display Casting Explanation
- Button
Lure Selection Screen. Reel In.
+ Button
Start Game
Hold A Button and swing Wii Remote, then release A Button.
Shake Lure
Swing Nunchuk side-to-side to reel. Swinging faster reels in the line faster.
Hook by quickly swinging the Wii Remote upward. Or hook a bass by quickly swinging the Wii Remote left or right.
Rod Use
Select Fishing Point. Move Boat.