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Really Bad

Legendary talent becomes a dud...

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) May 21, 2014

Member since May 2010

Take a wild guess as to what this game, and skyward sword, dark souls 2, and bravely default all have in common??? These games were made by cheap lazy cooperate monkeys in a suit who know nothing about how to make a game deep or engaging... They were made by lazy lay-a-bouts who live for who know jack-squat about what draws in a video gamer... they are all living for some gimmicks... THIS GAME WAS MADE BY THREE legends of the game industry and it certainly doesn't show! The creator of the awesome harvest moon series, The artist from the pokemon franchise, and the music director from FINAL FANTASY series... this sums up the game thusly: 1. get up put stuff on the shelves.
2. open shop..
3. stand around and wait on the customers...
4. focus on buying wood and make money to expand your shop...
5. possibly monkey around with key items to get cut scenes, and the occasional reward...
6. go to bed..
7. repeat step 1. and so on and so forth...
That is all you do.. I am a Capitalist and even I have a hard time swallowing this... Oh, yeah, and one more thing you don't have to adjust the price and there is no reason to do so... If you don't price high enough you won't make enough money, but if you price too high your customers won't buy your goods... So, just put it on the shelf and leave it at the default price...
KEY ITEMs.. key items are usually worth a flat 300 gold and you will need a guide to know what to do with them all... Worse yet, did you forget what it was you needed for a story request??? Well, too bad! The joke is on you, because people you do requests for don't ever mention what is needed a second time, which means they only tell you once and that is it... Some times though they don't tell you anything, and you have to stumble on it by chance.. Looking up a key item guide online is your only chance. the game doesn't even give you any form of lists for active quests.. Try before you buy! Oh, and uh.. good luck with that; you'll n

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i tried

posted by Hately (NEWARK, CA) Aug 20, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

I have been a huge fan of natsume and their harvest moon series since i was a kid though i havent been too pleased with the recent releases but when i saw hometown story i was excited even after reading all the poor reviews. I thought if i spent enough time playing i would get into it but the story was really lacking and the game play was boring and seemed aimless. occasionally people come in and add to the story line but if you keep an eye on your store like you are supposed to, you end up just standing around for long periods of time. i explored the map quite a bit but the environment is practically empty. just to get to a worth while area you have to walk through multiple areas of just trees. I am sure there is much more to the game that i saw and i didnt give this game enough time to change my mind but it is such a slow beginning, its a chore to get through.

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posted by Doug21347 (WEST SACRAMENTO, CA) Feb 9, 2014

Member since Jul 2009

Not as fun as i thought it was.

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