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GF Rating


A very great game

posted by aierc235 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Mar 16, 2011

Member since Jun 2007

This game has a very very fun storyline and chapters. although the only problem is that the campaign is short. online is ehhh. but still fun to play. id recommend just renting it

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GF Rating

Above Average

A pretty good game but very short

posted by arzombie13 (BELPRE, OH) Mar 16, 2011

Member since May 2010

This game was pretty good the story is kind of a let down to me because I read alot about it before it came out and the makers wanted you to feel the emotion of what these people are going through. There are a couple of moments like that but for the most part it just turned into another shooter story so I am a little disappointed by that I didn't feel anything for the guy you play or much for the other members of my group. Also the story is very very short took me about 2 hours to complete on normal, and the grenade motion is just horrible lol but that doesn't really matter I guess.

The multiplayer is pretty good as well It feels a little different than other shooters in that u have to kill people and do things to earn points to spend on a flak jacket or a rocket launcher and many other things in the match and there are alot of things to unlock and perks. Im sure the multiplayer will be good for quite awhile or so I hope. I was a huge fan of medal of honors story and multiplayer and you see where that went.

I would definitely rent this buying I don't know I would wait till it was used or on sell of course if you get it used you have to pay 10 bucks for the online pass.

Give it a try

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GF Rating


Falls Slightly Short of the Mark

posted by will63081 (BALTIMORE, MD) Mar 16, 2011

Member since Sep 2004

Ok this one is hard to approach because the game has soo much potential. The game feels incomplete at best. It tries to take the best of Call of Duty and Batlefield and create a sort of hybrid game that never quites stands on its own two feet. Perhaps a few more months in development would have pushed this game to its untapped potential.
First the graphics look incredible but yet they look lifeless. You can see amazing detail in the character models but the characters seem to have no soul or personality, they remind you of shiny robots. The game play is awesome... at times. Sometimes it is spot on and other times you find yourself aiming 5 ft in front of you and your rounds do not impact. I do not know if this is intentionally put in to further the point that these are untrainned civilans or not but there has been case of this in the multiplayer as well. You will be able to pick up the controls rather easily if you have played any other FPS but dont for look too much customization in the button layout. You will be pressing the "B" button to crouch and will be pressing the joystick to melee.
The short (though beautifully written) campaign makes way for the multiplayer which should have been the crowning jewel of his game but falls short. Maps are confusing at best. It feels as though with soo much going on they should have been bigger but they are just big enough for snipers to pick you off from their spawn point. Speaking of which spawing is not by choice (at least from what I see) but rather you spawn next to a random ally. There is a good mix of weapons and loadouts but in combat again everything feels to clustered together.
After hearing soo much about this game I had really high hopes for it. There is nothing technically wrong with with but nothing that makes it standout from the other. The potential for this to be a new killer IP however is limitless. I have high hopes that with some patch work this will become the game it has the potential to be.

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