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Very Good

A Great blend of First person Gaming :)

posted by Shll5hcKa (MCALLEN, TX) Mar 17, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

HomeFront is a Great game bottom Line.... The Campaign has a badass story, the only thing that sucks with it is, its pretty short :( Multiplayer has a perfect mixture of Call of duty and Battlefield BUT... with its own unique gameplay ( i know doesnt make sense but the game is awesome like that ).. i do recommend this game to buy or rent, Oh and you also need to pay extra to play online if you didnt buy the game NEW... so if you rent it you might have a problem with Multiplayer IDK i bought it NEW.

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Average... with potential

posted by Backpack (CLOVIS, NM) Mar 17, 2011

Member since Jun 2008

My favorite genre is FPS... I've played the past 3 COD, past 2 Battlefield Bad Company, and numerous MOH games including the present (which my wife and I love for the MP). I've also played almost every other FPS (that's only known for their campaign i.e. Fallout, Singularity, Metro 2033 et cetera). So that's my background... here's my thoughts on Homefront.

Campaign is a little short... That's fine, though. I'm confident that DLC will come along someday (as with every other game these days...). The campaign is fun to play. The concept of the story is very good and the story makes you feel like a small group of people against an entire army.

I've only played the mulitplayer for a short while so far (about 5 matches or so). The MP seems very well balanced... meaning if the other team are using their UAVs and tanks, at least half of your team has something they can use to destroy their assets relatively quick (which is Battlefield Bad Company 2's biggest flaw). Most of the maps are large (bigger than COD's) and there are numerous combinations of weapon choices.

The biggest problems with this game is that: 1) Campaign needed more attention visually. Even throwing a grenade looks like a motion from the PS1 era... as well as the explosions. 2) The MP is very "laggy" and the scenery itself is a disappointment (Many textures just look fake when up close).

The game announces that "dedicated servers" are coming up soon so the lag should fixed shortly. I'm sure a few extra chapters for the campaign will come along by the end of the year. So like my title says... This game is an average FPS, but it has potential to be a great title to own.

And the $10 fee for the online pass isn't a new concept... I've paid so much money for DLC and passes for worse games. If you want to try this game, rent it and try the limited access to the MP. If you like it, spend $10 for full access and spend a couple weeks with the game, then send it back...

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And they made a big deal about the 3rd MW2 mission

posted by leonidas85 (MOULTON, AL) Mar 17, 2011

Member since Oct 2008

Homefront, for me, had a very disturbing story. Moments into the game you see a mother and father get executed as there 3 year old son watches. After their blood splatters the wall and the soldiers walk away, you can hear him screaming as he goes to kneel at his parents corpses. A little later, you run into a woman with an infant; and you hear her baby crying through a firefight with KPA soldiers. These sort of over the top moments fill the single player experience. The multiplayer is solid. I just wish there where more maps. Their are two game modes, but if your a fan of bad company this won't bother you. As of now there are only five maps in the game. The biggest problem with multiplayer right now is finding a match. It seems that there aren't enough servers to handle it right now. The gameplay feels fresh and it's a welcome change from black ops for me. I would recommend this game if you are looking for a different online experience. Although, it will only keep you busy for a month or so.

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