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Felt like a beta...

posted by Sweedie (MOUNT PLEASANT, SC) Jun 7, 2011

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I have to say that i thought the campaign was really fun and intensive. The missions are well thought through but i finished the campaign in 3 hours!!! Which is extremely short for a campaign.

You could feel that they spent much more time in the online though and when you kill enemy players or complete objectives u will recieve points too buy military vechicles, killstreaks or other things that will make the battle easier for u such as flak jackets and more. There is 6 different classes which you can upgrade and make better throughout the game. All vechicles you buy during a game do will only be able too be use one life and will be lost the next game. I thought the online had few weapons, few maps, few choices and pretty few game modes.

This game can be worth renting but, I feel extremely sorry for those who bought this game since it actually feels like a beta

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Uninspired campaign with substandard gameplay

posted by badtz4 (CHARLOTTE, NC) Mar 27, 2011

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I feel duped. In the homefront previews, the graphics and gameplay looked amazing so I confidently purchased it on day 1. Big mistake! Let me break it down. The story grabs you emotionally at the beginning although it's a bit hokey. The in-game-engine storytelling (like half-life 2) is cool but better graphics and AI would have helped. Fighting a war on home turf is a novel idea but feels like a one trick pony as the story progresses. The final fight on a bridge was average at best leaving me unimpressed. Gameplay is much more refined in most other modern FPS. The guns have loose aiming, too much recoil, and are of the typical FPS variety (SMG, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper, RPG,...yawn). The enemies are homogenous soldier drones that visually remind me of the combine in Half-Life 2 or Hetlgeist in Killzone but not as cool. They are crackshots with all weapons, especially grenades, so get ready to spend a lot of time behind cover although it's often futile when an enemy unexpectadly spawns behind you! I also died many times running from grenades only to get caught frustatingly on something in the environment thus preventing my escape. Your AI teammates are little help, often stepping in your way leading to grenade bouncebacks, blocked doorways, and other frustratons. They are slow to do just about anything during the in-game storytelling ruining some of the pacing. "Open the gate already!" There are a variety of missions with some entertaining air and vehicle support gameplay. In contrast, sniper and stealth missions have a poor checkpoint system along with strict mission fail criteria which can be infuriating. Overall, The graphics are the biggest disappointment with unacceptably low resolution for a modern FPS. Sometimes the enemies would seem to blend into the environment making locating and aiming difficult. The sound is acceptable aside from some AI volume issues. Overall, the game is disappointing but maybe an okay rent or borrow.

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Homefront is awful!

posted by 11bangbang (ELIZABETHTOWN, KY) Apr 9, 2011

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The game Homefront is based on a dark precipice where of course as it is explicitly elucidated in the title that America is defending its own borders in a "revolution" of sorts. The problem with the story? Other than how unrealistic it is? It just plays bad. You are always fighting the same type of enemy or you are on the same type of mission and it is considerably weak even when you do get to engage in some cool scenarios. Not to mention that there are really no epic battles in this game. I mean aren't you supposed to be the sharp edge of the sword in the revolution spearheading your way towards regaining America's independence? Instead it feels as if you are a bunch of vagrants looting and raiding the enemy for drug money. The Campaign has serious flaws and I wouldn't even make my worst enemy play it, even just to spite them...its that bad.
The bright side of this game is the competitive multiplayer. I absolutely loved the inclusion of a points system that permitted you to earn vehicles based solely on previous performance in its entirety rather than always having to ascertain a kill streak in order to be rewarded. The bad part of the multiplayer? Well...if your'e like me and you rented this from gamefly, then you will have to pay to advance past level 5 because gamefly does not issue you "battle codes". I don't know who to blame for this embarrassment to wait, yes I about the developers of this awful game! Heres a tip Homefront people, next time you want to make an awful game...try not nickel and diming people for the only good part of it. I would not recommend buying this game. :( sad...looked promising too.

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