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The best of 47, now in HD.

posted by burntice61 (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Jan 28, 2013

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Ah, Hitman, probably the most underrated series in gaming. The levels, the targets...the guns, all made the series great, now we can finally play them in HD. Here's my verdict:

The Good:

-HD, so how does it look? Well, the same really. But 2 and Contracts look WAY less blurry and jaggy, Blood Money got a slight graphic bump, but more or less looks the same, which isn't a bad thing.

-Perfectly preserved, All 3 games feel and play the same as they did back when they first came out, play stealthy or play aggressive, your choice.

No MEH or BAD. Although no Hitman 1 kinda sucks. Instead ill do individual game reviews:

Hitman 2, Personally my favorite of the series, i absolutely love EVERY mission in the game, from Sicily to Russia to out in Afghan to all the way in Japan and into India. This game started the formula that makes this the best stealth series out there. AI are a little wonky and are sometimes a little brutal on the harder difficulties depending on the play style. St. Petersburg and Jacuzzi Job are my favorites.

Hitman Contracts, Feels like 2 but plays so much better, missions are bigger...and tougher, especially the later ones, they also do remake a few missions from the first game. Meat Kings Party steals the show for me.

Hitman Blood Money, the fan favorite, (See Mission: A New Life). Perfection of the Hitman formula with better graphics than the earlier games. I love the missions in this one, of course A New Life is the best, but the Dance With The Devil is by far one of the all time greats with the Heaven and Heck(censored, haha) sides of the map along with the Casino mission.

Overall, if you have never played a Hitman game or an old fan of the series, please, don't hesitate and get this one, by far one of the greatest series of games and this captures the best of Hitman. Its a BUY.

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Very Good

I still like em'

posted by LIQUIDFX00 (BIRMINGHAM, AL) May 20, 2013

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They show their age but these are still great games, I personally like silent assassin the best. Graphics are passable and the controls seem a little stiff but still a great lot of games. Just to be able to play them all at once again is fun for me. i doubt many people will actually read this review or play this collection but I figured I would put my 2 cents in. Also, I really cant suggest renting this when absolution is soooo good. rent it instead and then if you like it rent this to see how hitman evolved in the awesomeness it is today.

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posted by desolate23 (LAWTON, OK) Mar 8, 2013

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I Don't understand why the Gamefly people decided this was a six. This might not be a triple A game but still good for the nestolgia. The HD collection is almost perfect for a newer player to the series. I must say though some of the glitches still remain here. Especially in Contracts. It's possibly one of the best rereleases ever since for 60$ you get 3 20-30$ games. It's honestly a great buy.

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