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Contracts is still the best Hitman game to date

posted by 47Hitman (KEIZER, OR) Jan 30, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

Contracts boasts far better light shading graphics than any of the other installments. The guns are also better than Blood Money and Silent Assasin.

Likewise, the cheat code to have God mode, all guns, Infin-ammo, teleport, level complete, invisibility, etc., are amazing additions (although they do require a modded Xbox to acquire).

Also, the mod-cheat to get away from fixed view, which allows you to go anywhere in a level, including placing 47 anywhere, is awesome!!! You can place him, for example, on roof tops, or other places you would otherwise not have access to.

Overall, like with Silent Assasin, the cheats are what make this game so amazing and fun to play, making this one of the most awesome games! The cheats let you do whatever you want. If only Edios would acquire the rights to GoldenEye 64!

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Very Good

Within the cold shadows of death

posted by Sillysmurf (LOS ANGELES, CA) Sep 7, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

I started this game on the normal difficulty. On the easy level you can shoot your intended victim and anyone who witnesses it and clean it up later, you can beat the game without being stealthy or using your brain. I beat the game in 12 hours of game play. It was too easy. Recently after playing other games I blew off the dust that had gathered on Hitman and put it in. I changed the difficulty to one level harder, three saves only and much more sensitive A.I. I had already beaten the game and learned a few tricks to kill silently. Now I had to be even more inventive and more silent. It was like playing a brand new game that was somewhat familiar. It is amazing sometimes when something that first seems so easy becomes interesting and challenging when you up the difficulty. I claim this game as two different games. One as a easy run through and brutally kill anyone you want sort of game. Or a thinking man's first person shooter where you have to think one step ahead of your victim, watch the patterns they follow and then pick the perfect time to strike. At times it can give you the chills, you in a sense become an actual hitman for a second. The opera being the most cinematic level, you create diversions and distractions and get someone else to accidentally take out your target for you. That's why the eight rating. That's why you should play this game, if you like thinking while you play you will love this game. I don't rep the movie though, the movie may suck although the preview is pretty hot.

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posted by 305skatin (KEY LARGO, FL) Jul 25, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

i have played one and two and just added Blood and Money to my game Q. i have to say this series is probably one of the best i have played in a while. everything you do affects what happens in the rest of the game, you can either silently do your contract or just blow down the doors and leave no one alive. I love your choice of weapons and disguises picked up from ur surroundings. i have to give this game a high score.

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