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posted by Rammstein (SUN PRAIRIE, WI) May 27, 2006

Member since Jun 2005

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Games like Splinter Cell and Manhunt require you to not be seen. This game series is overall, in my opinion, better than both of those titles. Why?

Donning disguises takes time, sure; you still have to kill / subdue your subject to get their clothes. But this game REQUIRES you to walk right past enemies and hope to God you're not suspected.

The adreneline will pump vigourously through your vains as you once again must sneak right past enemy faces in order to kill one or two marked men.

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Welcome to the life of a Hitman

posted by Rob911 (NEW GLOUCESTER, ME) Apr 28, 2006

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Member since Jan 2005

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good ole hitman, let me start this review by saying this game is one of the greatest and most innovative in the stealth action genre, a sequel to one of 2002-2003's hit of the year. However contracts doesn't quite live up to Hitman 2: Silent Assassin it is still a wonderful piece of work. let me break this down into pros and cons :)..

pros: The ability to take the disguise of your enemy is very exciting, see a bellboy? why not strangle him with fiber wire and take his costume?. the wonderful thing about hitman is the choices, lets say for instance i want to pull out dual sawed off shotguns and blow away everything in it, or shall i place poison in the milk of my target so that when he drinks it he slumps over dead, its all in your through with stealth or run and gun it doesn't matter.
the weapons in hitman contracts are amazing there is so many to chose from, dual ballers, desert eagles, magnums, sniper rifles, assault rifles, sub machine guns, fiber wire, knives, pillows, poisons, meat name it...its all here. The level design is absolutely perfect with so many ways to get to your target and so many areas to explore.

the cons: Agent 47 runs kind of awkward but it never took away from the experience, the ragdoll physics are a little fishy at times, i've encountered instances where i shot an enemy and he flew just a little bit to far. the graphics aren't doom 3 quality but they are certainly good. thankfully as you can see the cons in this game are nothing compares to the pros.

Final Thoughts: If you have ever wondered what its like to be a hitman, don't miss out on this great title, be sure however to also play hitman 2...both the hitman games have such high replayability, i come back to play them ALOT just because of the possible ways to finish each mission. this game never gets old....i give it a 10/10

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Very Good

A flashback to the old days.

posted by JMeyer (DALTON, GA) May 10, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

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In Hitman: Contracts you take the roll of Agent 47, a contract killer who is the best at what he does. The game starts out with Agent 47 coming into an apartment, shot in the belly. And through out the patching up that gets done to him, he flashes back to old contracts that he has had, that were significant to him.

The first thing that should be praised is the wealth of opportunities that are put before Agent 47 to complete his tasks. In any given contract, there are about 4 ways to kill the target(s). These range anywhere from straight up killing them and everyone in your path, to finding the way to sneak through, kill your targets, and get out without firing a single shot. There are many other ways in between too and you are usually given some creative and stylish ways to do it. I don't want to spoil anything, but suffice it to say, on one contract, you have the ability to hide a shotgun in a flower box that when taken out, comes out in a slow motion and very cool way.

Of course, a hidden weapon is nothing without a good disguise, because who is going to believe you want to deliver flowers when you are in a suit and tie. I am running out of space, but I will tell you that you can take any outfit from anybody, save the targets themselves, in the game.

There are a few things I didn't like about the game, like for one, I was really hoping to advance the current plot of the story that was left off in Hitman 2. Going through a bunch of flashback missions, as fun as they were, was a little disappointing. Probably the only other noteworthy drawback to the game was that is was incredibly short. Unless you intend on perfecting each level to get the Silent Assassin rating, this game will take you about a day to beat. Aside from those few things, which aren't small matters to me, there are no other drawbacks to the game.

This is a very fun game that mixes stealth and shooter action and is one of the most unique ideas for a game ever. I highly recommend it.

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