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Hitman: Blood Money

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Blood Money worth your money (and time)? Check!

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Jun 14, 2006

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I won't bore with details you already know. The core game is essentially the same which is (for any new or inquiring 47's out there), cooking up different and perhaps creative ways to erase bad people because you are paid to. So what sets it apart from "Contracts" or "Silent Assassin"? Well...

-"24" show style spilt-screen when an important event is occurring in real time. Neato!
-Hiding bodies in containers makes "getting away with murder" a literal statement.
-He can climb and jump (only in certain contexts though)
-47 can disarm enemies instead of running away helpless
-Rank and performance results in amount of money issued. Just like corporate America!
-Upgradeable weapons (custom ammo, silencers, stocks, etc.) which are shown in real-time as well.
-"Notoriety" system. If 47 does "overkill" activities, witnesses must be bribed and police chiefs must be bought. "Bought" is key here since you'll be paying for it. I thought it was a bit forgiving on normal mode. Which leads to...
-Newspaper summary. Your work will make headlines and detail your performance in a narrative rather than spreadsheet "number of shots fired" format. Nice touch and gives a more immersive feel.
-Details! I left my suit behind and was charged $5,000 for it (must be Armani). I bumped into a couple who had broken away from a tour group and was making out in a wine cellar!

Here's how they should have improved it

-Pre-operation intel could've been better, like blueprints, personal dossiers, etc. This would help prepare 47 better, ala Rainbow Six. He IS a professional after all
-A.I. sometimes STILL knows either too much or not enough about what you're doing (or what you did)
-Save system won't allow "spot" saves for reloading later (ala Silent Assassin). Once you finish a level, it's overwritten. Since this is a game of trail and error, it can get repetitive.
-Collision... 47 would sometimes get caught on the corner of a little graphic and spin 360 degrees

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Agent 47 has been rebuilt stronger and faster.

posted by Kamahl08 (TAMPA, FL) May 31, 2006

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For those of you who are a fan of the Hitman series you should know this is Eidos' fourth try at the series. They have steadily improved upon this series and look to keep it up with Hitman: Blood Money. Most of the problems with the series have been fixed. Movement animations E.I. jumping has been repaired. It is now simple to jump from a balcony to a pipe. Also with scattered complaints of the combat system Eidos' felt it necessary to upgrade Agent 47's moves while I was playing I accidentally snapped a guy's neck while taking his gun and shooting his associate with ease. But as the title suggests this game is about assassinating people, and this is were Eidos' passes with flying colors. You can choose to just shoot someone cut and dry, or be more creative. On a particular mission I had to kill someone at their house. I killed the FBI agents outside and proceeded to the garage and killed the wife. Then set up some explosives inside and made the whole look like an accident. Now to the out of game aspect in Hitman. The blood money. With completion of every mission you accumulate money that you can spend on upgrades or if your messy with your work you can instead use it to buy new identities or bribes in-game. All in all Eidos' has started the renaissance of the Hitman.

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Excellently executed title

posted by Rob911 (NEW GLOUCESTER, ME) Jun 9, 2006

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Hitman Blood Money is a game i've kept my eye on for quite some time, after seeing the videos and screenshots i began to get my hopes up. And i was not let down at all!. let me break this game down for you into pros and cons :)

pros: The level design in hitman is absolutely incredible, there are literally hundreds of ways to complete each mission and even more ways to execute your target within these missions, whether it be hiding a knife behind your back and slowly creeping up to your target and then driving the knife straight into his throat or going with the more rambo approach and giving him a friendly headbutt and then blasting him in the face with the good ole baller, there are so many ways to kill in the hitman series it constantly keeps the game fresh. Lets talk about some new features shall we? the notoriety system is very unique in that if your super sloppy throughout the mission then you will be more recognizable in the next (unless you pay a hefty fee), this is probably one of the features i had the most fun with, i can remember thinking in hitman contracts "why isn't there news coverage of my murders", i think its safe to say this feature is much appreciated. the graphics look superb even for an outdated system and the weapons and sounds are excellent aswell. the disguises and the new putting people in dumpsters etc feature are perfect, there are tons of different disguises to dress as and plenty of ways to hide the body's.

cons: well the only real con i can think of is, if your not a stealth action fan...this game isn't for you, hitman gives the option of running and gunning but once you have done it it feels as if you have missed out on a MAJOR part of the game.

overall: Hitman fans will be 100 percent satisfied with this new perfect installation. this game will be staying in my xbox for quite some time....hitman is like a fine wine, it requires specific taste, i encourage all of you however to rent it and appreciate this masterpiece.

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