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Also on:Xbox 360, Xbox
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So many people to k

posted by BlkWolf (PORTLAND, ME) Jun 6, 2006

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One of The Best Games Ever Made. Hitman Blood Money is one amazing game. It shows the dark side of 47 (yes he does have an even darker side). You'll get to kill all sorts of criminals, and anyone who gets in the way, everything from slicing an Italian Drug lords throat will he plays the violin, to switching a fake gun with a real one for a play to kill a pedophile singer, to dropping a piano on a would be assassin, to burning an arms smuggler as she tries to put it out, she falls into a shark tank and gets eaten. With fully customized weapons, new disguises, new ways to trick guards and a new close combat system, 47 can take any hit, even a hit that is notorious as 9/11. With video cameras, witnesses, smarter guards and newspapers, 47's job just got a whole lot harder. But even the FBI hunting him down he still makes hits with beautiful style. No longer does 47 take his missions in few different spots, he now goes to places like a French opera house, a Mississippi river boat, a Las Vegas casino, a Chile drug factory posed as a vineyard, a rundown amusement park, a heaven and he!! themed night club, the bayou, and even a certain world capital city. But what is hitman without conspiracy and cloning, this time around it is more then the backbone, it is the new world. But angry rednecks, the FBI, and annoyed bouncers aren't 47's only foes, now a franchise of top class assassins are killing members of the Agency, end if he doesn't watch his back, some one might break it. Many of the classic weapons are back like the W2000 sinper, the Spaz shotgun and, of coarse, 47's favorite guns, The Sliver Ballers. But new weapons are in like garden shears, nail guns, hammers, fire extinguishers and knives. Some huge helpful things are back, but now you can use them anytime, the remote bombs (great for causing "accidents"), poison syringe (poison directly or go for their food), and Sleep syringes (that work just like their deadly brothers). So many people to kill, so much time.

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Very Good

Fun, Great Graphics, Yet Trial & Error is Tedious

posted by IvorySoul (VENTURA, CA) Jun 10, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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I have never played a Hitman game before except Silent Assassin a few years ago on the Xbox and I didn't like it. After hearing about this one I decided to check the series out and I now love it! The BIGGEST problem with this game is the trial and error is soooo annoying. I had to get a walkthrough for almost every single level because it's really hard to find out what to do without running and gunning. Also, this game is NO fun if you run and gun because your notoriety level goes down and you get bad rankings. The graphics are great except you have your current gen problems like bad collision detection and the AI gets stupid sometimes. The game is VERY rewarding though. When you sneak up behind an important person and strangle him or poison him or push him off a balcony it feels very good and you feel like a true hitman. You can earn money from your contracts to upgrade your weapons such as different types of ammo, butt stocks, silencers, and laser sights, there is so many ways to do each level that the replay value is very high. I don't even know why they put weapons in here though because I didn't use the weapons ONCE and I got great rankings all the way through. You have the usual Hitman saving. Only so many in game saves for each difficulty level. I thought this was stupid because I only used that feature one time. The soundtrack is great and I love the theme song which is an opera called Ave Maria and it just sets the mood of the game. All in all Hitman: Blood Money is a great stealth game, and you have to have lots of patience for this or you won't like it. The game has tons of weapons and ways to kill people and is very rewarding.

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I like a lot

posted by sergio07 (PHOENIX, AZ) May 31, 2006

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this game is good from what i can see. I have been playing it for like 2 hrs they have made some cool improvements except the AI is still kind of dumb u should most defiantly try this game but u have to be a patient person to enjoy this game. Finishing the whole game by just running around and shooting people is not all that fun it ruins the point of the game

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