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Stealth is boring ...

posted by Yikes78 (KNOXVILLE, TN) Nov 30, 2012

Member since Apr 2010

3 out of 6 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

... and especially tedious because it is so well done in this game. Sneak, subdue, hide body; lather, rinse, repeat. If you want a stealth game with many options on how to perform the same actions over and over and over, this game is excellent. If not, it's very boring. Graphically excellent and probably a great storyline for Hitman fans. Although it is not for me, it met any expectations I had because it is so true to its genre.

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Honestly, it's a disappointment

posted by Bones311 (EASTCHESTER, NY) Nov 24, 2012

Member since Apr 2007

6 out of 13 gamers (46%) found this review helpful

I'm going to try and be brief and generally unbiased in my review of this game. I've been a Hitman fan since Silent Assassin came out for PS2, I've always enjoyed it casually, not really paying attention to the story line in all its convoluted glory. You don't need to follow the story to fall in love with Hitman. The fun is in all the different ways to take out your target, and the often frustrating task of figuring out how to do it properly.

In Absolution you follow a path and by doing that they took away the that aspect of trial and error. Your options to choose from, when it comes to how to kill a target, are mostly laid out for you. When in past games, you would find random objects and have to figure out how they worked into your hit... now you're spoon fed what to do and how.

You surely already know about the instinct ability, or whatever they call it for sure. It would feel like cheating to use if they didn't practically force you to. For instance, there are many cases where you must cross paths with characters who will see through your disguise, so you hit instinct and you hide your face to get by.
The killed off maps too. So you use instinct to see through walls (because all genetically modified hitmen can do that, didn't you know?). Which basically replaces the action of looking at your map and checking what patterns the little enemy blips moved in.

Now to be a bit biased. It sucks. What they did is took out the best parts of hitman and replaced it with a hollywood-esk cinematic monstrosity. The story line has nothing to do with past hitmans, you basically dont need to know a thing about hitman to follow this game.
All I wanted was a more expansive, graphically updated, Hitman: Blood Money. I imagine mostly everyone else did too... that's not at all what we got. It's very disappointing, and a little saddening.

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Variety is the Spice of Absolution

posted by Patrick_Regan (SAN JOSE, CA) Apr 6, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

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Between choosing what weapon to use, costume to wear, what people to take out and when; this games gives you more options every mission it will make your head spin. There are literally a few dozen ways to complete each mission and the paths to get there too.

I do a lot of research before starting my games because I go for trophies. I read a trophy guide that detailed this game would take 20 hours. That could not be more wrong. The amount of time you will find yourself dying (or manually restarting) trying to find out how to take out your targets (stealth) makes for a very lengthy play time. Of course if you run and gun you won't have to restart as much.

The game is polished and well scripted. Every enemy / npc has a line or two or more of dialog. Each level is different from the last so you won't find yourself being bored with your environment.

Having said all of this I highly recommend playing on nothing short of hard mode. There are three professional diffiulity levels. I choose Hard and that is a great level to play this game on. Anything easier and you might just get through the game quicker but find yourself with less challenges and options or at least exploring those options. Hard mode forces you to explore your environment in order to discover more ways of doing this. I am proud to say I've made it through the game WITHOUT a walkthrough and I highly recommend that style to anyone else. The game is much more enjoyable that way.

It was a great surprise to find that the deaths / restarts do not frustrate me nearly as much as they do in other games. Here they serve to make me take a different tactic through. Which is simply the beauty of this game because there are plenty of paths to discover, though it tends to get harder to discover them the later in the game you get.

There are plenty of geek references to movies and tongue and cheek humor moments you'll stumble across too.

Overall I think this game is one of the best games I've played this y

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