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Never played Hitman? Good. You'll prob like it.

posted by Toast4Twenty (PARK CITY, KS) Sep 3, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

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I have followed the Hitman franchise from the beginning and after playing this I think they should have stopped at Blood Money. You can tell Square had a hand in this because the long cutscenes THAT YOU CAN'T PAUSE XO. They have changed the way the game is played. In this game you have to wear a disguise different than the guard you are trying to slip past to succeed, if you are wearing the same disguise then you have to use some special power boost which is hard to get back. The aiming is very sensitive and jumpy I spent the first hour just trying to calibrate it. I bought the game shortly after it was released and I had to force myself to finish it t just because it was Hitman, after I beat it once I sold it. They added a point system for online leaderboards and that was cool. They have a mode called contracts so you can make your own mission and challenge your friends. That was really fun, nothing like creating a mission your friend can not win and rage quits :D. However, that was not enough to look past this game's obvious sell out. If you love the Hitman franchise you will probably be very disappointed in this game, if you are just now starting to play and don't care about the story timeline, PLAY HITMAN: Bloody Money. I promise you'll see the difference.

Also, I'd like to add there is WAY to MUCH COP KILLING in this game. Every other level I feel like I was trying to evade and killing police officers, after awhile it just felt old and wrong.

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I Love this Game!!!

posted by RabidChimp805 (SANTA MARIA, CA) Nov 27, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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So I finished the campaign. It took me 4 days to complete. It's amazing. So cool that it takes longer to finish then most recent games. The graphics, sound, gameplay are great. I'm not in to most 3rd person games, but this one tops them all. I'd like to see any new game top this. The side missions are a blast as well.

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Very Good

Frustrating fun...

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Nov 24, 2012

Top Reviewer

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Hitman has finally returned. The well driven plot is what made the game shine, for me. This game has been in production for a while and could have done far better had it released a few years back.
If you liked Alpha Protocol or the past Hitman titles you would favor this one.

Playing as the Legendary Hitman Agent47.
The Agency is back in operation from having been media exploited. Agent 47 starts to take contracts, as a personal vendetta emerges to him.

The plot is a lot more in dept than that, but to be more elaborate would give out spoilers for this title and past titles. The conspiracy, crime-syndicate title is great.

The graphics on the other hand are what kept me from giving a 10. There is many neat graphic elements of the game--Such as reflective surfaces, Gradient rain accumulation on Agent 47's dome, Great particle effects, and light rendering techniques. BUT you will see a lot of textures often get cut out or randomly snip off. The polygon count on characters is rather low -- There is blocky appearances, smudge textures in cut scenes and gameplay. Indoor textures and objects look better than the outdoor, significantly.

The sound--Yikes--some of the guns sound nice and solid. Some ambient sounds, have a very snap-routine to them -- Do not feel like part of the gameworld at all. There was one Helicopter sound that seemed like heavy static just being played in my speakers.

Clunky game elements. This is a game that should had more free-form animation and less motion capture, because of how snappy-animation sequences are.

In all the game seemed like, they got tired of running into barriers during development and just went ahead releasing what they had.

The game is alright though... You still have in dept problem solving tactics and the storyline makes you challenge the gameworld differently. It is a Hitman title but rough cut.

I love challenging games. If you are a old fan... Check this out.

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