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Above Average

Not a typical Hitman game

posted by ghost821 (LOS ANGELES, CA) Dec 24, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

The main annoyance (and it's a pretty big one) in this game is the fact that you can't just don a disguise and freely explore. The enemy detection just seems a little too much. As a result, finding the right disguise becomes pivotal to almost every mission, and even with the right disguise, you will still be trying to mostly sneak around with that disguise on. This really takes away from the feeling of being a smart, tactical, hitman.

The maps aren't that big, and there aren't that many fun ways to dispatch an enemy unlike previous hitmans. Sometimes you also encounter glitches where the target stops walking in their usual path, and the effort you took to set up the ambush completely goes to waste.

Overall, there is a somewhat interesting story and characters, but in terms of the actual hitman style of gameplay that appealed to many fans, this title falls short due to the strange additional mechanics (instinct/enemy disguise detection) and lack of kill methods.

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Hitman: Absolutely Worth A Rent

posted by Clouded_Reality (CHESAPEAKE, VA) Dec 24, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

I've never really been into the Hitman franchise but after playing this installment I'm a fan. I thought the graphics looked great and cut scenes and story were highly effective. I also liked the variety of ways to play the levels and kill the main targets. My only beef was with the enemy Ai, which was waaaaaaaaaaay too f-in sensitive!! The blend feature was a great counter for the Ai but I almost feel like it should've regenerated on it's own or at least not deplete as fast. There were many times in the game where I was spotted from across great distances that in real life would never have happened. And on hard mode, the paths the enemies take are ridiculously hard to move around in complete stealth. But other than the Ai and a few blank screen glitches, I had a great time with the game and was able to get the platinum trophy while taking care of my 7 month old... which is awesome! She really dug the music! All in all I would at least recommend it as a rental.

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posted by Rayne19 (LEANDER, TX) Dec 23, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

I loved this game!!! Great story, awesome gameplay, kick butt graphics. It was a little bit short but I'm hoping for a sequel.

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