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posted by Winnie123 (BELLEVILLE, MI) Mar 14, 2013

Member since Nov 2012


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Above Average

Good game but

posted by Jbuddy53 (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Mar 13, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

i had fun playing the game im a little confused with the scoring system but the one thing i was mad about was if you're playing the game and you're ps3 freezes it will delete you're save data i played all the way to the mission at the strip club and my PSN account signed out and my ps3 froze so i played again got to the same mission tried to load the game and my ps3 froze again and i lost my save data so i dont know if its my PS3 but i dont think it is cause ive never had this problem before

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Hitman Absolution

posted by kanochi (ARVADA, CO) Mar 12, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

I loved the old Hitmans like Blood Money I believe was my favorite, because of the elaborate ways you could assassinate people like for example the opera when you replace the gun for the play and the actor shoots your target for you.

Sadly I just didn't get any of those vibes from Hitman Absolution it felt like I was pulling the same sort of assassinations over and over, like poisoning their food, pushing them off cliffs, like after the 20th time seeing the same exact assassinations available for a level it got a bit depressing making me wonder just how much time they really spent making this game.

Along with various things in the game just completely took away from the gameplay and made no sense like how now everyone suspects you if you are wearing the same uniform, I guess it makes sense in some form but at the same time is everyone in the world going to be the suspicious of other people when they have over 20~50 guards at each place? Not to mention if they were that suspicious when people strangely go missing from their post shouldn't they suspect something more then instead of just walking by and being like oh it's okay, those 3 people who were guarding the super important door probably all just went to the bathroom at once.

Don't get me wrong I don't think it's a bad game, I did have fun playing it, and if you enjoy the old hitmans you very well may enjoy this one as well, just more than once I had to stop to question the logic of the game and what on earth I am doing and why there are trails of fire telling me where people are going, I totally wasn't aware Agent 47 could see into the future. Why there is just random dumpsters placed every 5 feet to shove people into and why no one ever decided to check them.

Anyways regardless if you enjoy the old Hitmans it's probably worth checking it out!

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